Yoo Hae-ran tied for 8th place at the LA Championship 2R… Ko Jin-young and Kim Hyo-joo tied for 12th place

Yoo Hae-ran (22) maintained her top 10 ranking in the second round of the JM Eagle LA Championship (total prize money of $3 million) on the LPGA Tour.

In the second round of the tournament held at the Wilshire Country Club (par 71) in Los Angeles, California, USA on the 29th (Korean time), Yoo Hae-ran made 3 birdies and 4 bogeys to hit a 1-over par 72.

Hae-ran Yoo, who recorded a total of 3 under par 139 strokes until the second round, tied for 8th place by 3 strokes with the sole leader, Aditi Ashok (India).

Yoo Hae-ran, who scored 4 under par in the first round and tied for 7th place, increased the number of putts from 26 the previous day to 29, and the green hit rate decreased from 72.2% (13/18) to 55.6% (10/18). lost She did, however, and she was still in a position to win her come-from-behind championship.

Yoo Hae-ran said, “It was a difficult day온라인카지노. Her pin placement was tricky, so the ball often landed in difficult spots. She looked back and said, “I had a lot of regrets.

He said, “There were many things I missed about putting the slice line,” and “I will prepare for tomorrow’s game while practicing short putting.”

Ko Jin-young (28) reduced 3 strokes by tying 5 birdies and 2 bogeys, and tied for 12th place (2 under par 140 strokes) with Kim Hyo-joo (28), Yang Hee-young (34), and Choi Woon-jeong (33) who hit 1 under par that day. formed

Ko Jin-young, who is aiming for the second championship of the season, said, “I want to play with a little more focus. Since the course is not long, you can always create a birdie chance as long as the accuracy of your shot improves. The greens are a bit tricky, but all conditions are the same.”

World No. 1 Nellie Corda (USA) was also placed in the joint 12th place group.

Lilia Boo (USA), who won the Chevron Championship, the first major tournament of the season last week, only shot a 2-over par of 144, failing to exceed the cut standard of 1-over par.

Kim In-gyeong made a hole-in-one with a 5-iron in the 12th hole (par 3) of 175 yards. With this hole-in-one, Inkyung Kim donated $20,000 (approximately 26 million won) to St. Jude Children’s Hospital through a donation program run by CME Writing.

Kim In-kyung said, “I thought it was difficult because the pin was stuck on the left side, but she didn’t know it would be a hole-in-one,” and revealed, “She was the 6th hole-in-one in the tournament and her 10th individual hole-in-one overall.”

Kim In-gyeong, who reduced two strokes, played the third round with an even par of 142 and a tie for 33rd place.


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