Yankees’ ‘Perfect’ pitcher, drunk and rampaging, ridicules colleague for vandalizing property… Alcohol addiction is so scary

The glory of the perfect game is gone. The whole story surrounding pitcher Domingo Hermann (31, New York Yankees), who was out for the season for alcoholism treatment, has been revealed. 

The Yankees declared the season out on the 3rd (hereinafter Korean time) by listing Hermann on the restricted list of players. Hermann was admitted to the hospital for treatment for alcoholism, and he revealed that he would focus on treatment for the rest of the season. In October 2015, Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia gave up the postseason and entered a rehab center for treatment for alcoholism. 

In the case of Hermann, the matter is more serious. According to a ‘Wall Street Journal’ report the next day, Herman had behaved antagonistically towards his fellow players the previous two days while drunk at the Yankees clubhouse. He overturned clubhouse sofas and went on a rampage with vandalism, smashing TVs. He joked and even mocked fellow pitcher Ron Marinachio, who had been demoted to Triple-A, as he was packing up his belongings. 

It is also said that he had an altercation with Yankees manager Aaron Boone and other players who could not stand Hermann’s unexpected behavior. Eventually, Hermann was dragged into a sauna by his teammates. It was to excrete alcohol through sweat to get rid of the alcohol. It was not confirmed when Hermann, who was later moved to a sleeping room by security personnel, left the baseball field. 

New York media ‘SNY’ confirmed to witnesses that Hermann was drunk and unable to control his emotions. But he had to act as the Yankees, who could not condone the rampage. Eventually, the next day, he was sent to the restricted list to focus on alcoholism treatment. The Yankees, who are competing in the postseason with a wild card 6th place, are uneasy about the starting lineup, but have decided to end the season without any attachment to Hermann. 

“Alcoholism is a very serious problem that affects many people,” Yankees general manager Brian Cashman said. I hope this action will help him for the rest of his life.” 안전놀이터

Hermann’s ‘drinking problem’ is not the first. In September 2019, he assaulted his girlfriend while intoxicated and was suspended for 81 games for violating the Major League Baseball Convention on Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Prevention. SNY said the case had nothing to do with domestic violence and was not under investigation by the Major League Secretariat. The work was handled internally by the Yankees club, and Hermann was admitted to the hospital from the 3rd and started treatment. 

Herman, a right-handed pitcher from the Dominican Republic, has been with the Yankees for all six seasons since his major league debut in 2017, and has a total of 112 games (89 starts, 522⅓ innings), 31 wins, 28 losses, 4.41 ERA, 543 strikeouts. He had his best season in 2019 with a personal best 18 wins and an earned run average of 4.03. 

He went 5-7 with a 4.56 earned run average and 114 strikeouts in 20 games (108⅔ innings) this season. On May 17, in a game against the Toronto Blue Jays, the use of foreign substances was discovered, and he was ejected after the third inning and was suspended for 10 games. On June 29, against Oclad Athletics, he struck out 9 on 99 pitches in 9 innings, becoming the protagonist of his 24th perfect game of all time. However, his glory did not last long, and after a month or so, he was out of the season in vain due to a commotion due to a drinking problem.


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