“Yang Eui-ji is a mother, to be praised by a mother… ” Effect of 15.2 billion won, 152 km of young plants grow

 Gwak Bin, who dreams of becoming an ace of Doosan, has new motivation. Yang Eui-ui, the national team catcher, who was reunited 5 years after his rookie days, is exactly that. 

Kwak Bin started in the first match of the season against KT held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 21st and won his 2nd win온라인카지노 (1 loss) of the season with 3 hits, 4 walks, 3 strikeouts and 1 run in 5 innings with a fastball of up to 152km. It was a valuable fight that led the team to escape from 9 consecutive losses against KT. After the game, Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop praised, saying, “Starting pitcher Kwak Bin played a role silently.” 

However, the party was not satisfied with the match. Kwak Bin said, “It was a game that I could never be satisfied with just because I lasted 5 innings and became the winning pitcher.” Today (21st), after two outs in the first and fifth innings, consecutive on-base was allowed, and I am reflecting on it because it seems to have led to a similar result in the 8th inning.” 

As Kwak Bin said, episodes 1 and 5 were like a rollercoaster. After the 2 deaths, everyone felt sorry for their concentration. In the first inning, table setters Kim Min-hyeok and Kang Baek-ho were out with 4 balls, but Anthony Alford’s double and Park Byung-ho’s walk caused a crisis, and Kang Hyun-woo was given an RBI and a timely hit. He showed his first pitch by getting Alford to walk on base in succession. Fortunately, he caught Byeong-ho Park with an infield grounder and did not concede a run, but the number of pitches reached 98 and he had to pass the mound in the 6th inning. 

Another reason why Kwak Bin was disappointed with the game that day. It is Yang Eui-ji, the main catcher who made a comeback to Doosan for 15.2 billion won in 4+2.

Yang Eui-ji is Kwak Bin’s mental support and strong mentor. In 2018, the first year of his debut, he met a strong senior named Yang Eui-ra and learned the ball formulation of the professional world. Yang Eui-ji said, “(Kwak) Bin’s ball has definitely improved since his rookie days. He has the ability to become an ace representing Korea.” But on the 21st, Yang Eui-ji and the season’s minimum innings were digested, so there was no choice but to be regretful. Kwak Bin had an average ERA of only 0.92 before that.

In response, Kwak Bin said, “(Yang) Eui-ji hyung is like a mother to me. However, if you throw it like today (21st), you will never be praised,” he said. 


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