‘Workation’ to work while resting in nature… Proactively attracting local governments

‘workation ‘ to get away from the stuffy office and take a rest at a resort.

It’s like a dream for office workers who are tired of commuting every day.

However, recently, as more companies are introducing such a system, local governments are also actively attracting them.

Reporter Hong Sung-wook introduces.

Daegwallyeong Ranch that touches the sky.

The greenery of mountains and fields, and the sound of flowing water in the valley add to the refreshing feeling.

People enjoying a leisurely walk on weekday mornings.

It looks like you’re on vacation, but it’s actually office hours.

[Park Shin-young / Workation participant: Working is good, but the space seems to be different and the air is nice, so I’m having fun.]

After taking a short walk, it’s time to focus on work again.

Come into your home or workspace and turn on your laptop.

You are free to dress, and if you sit where you like, that is your office.

A so-called ‘workation’ that combines work and vacation.

It is a new type of work where you stay and work while traveling, and the response from the employees is enthusiastic.

[Heo Myeong-gu / Workation participant: If work keeps piling up, that’s also stressful. I am very satisfied with being able to work and being able to rest.]

Since there is no need to use vacation days, and the company partially supports expenses, it is a win-win for the employees.

It started with employee welfare, but the company is good because work efficiency has improved.

As more companies positively evaluate the introduction of the system, local governments are also actively attracting them.

Experience programs are prepared, and consultations and agreements are held with business officials.

[Jung Tae-hoon / Gangwon-do Tourism Policy Division: There are many workation programs where you can enjoy the mountains and the sea, so I hope many people come to Gangwon-do, the best place for workation, to heal and get a lot of ideas.] Economic메이저놀이터

ripple The effect is great.

Workation participants come mainly on weekdays, not on weekends when people flock to it, so it is a great help not only for accommodations but also for nearby tourist attractions.

Working and vacationing at the same time is emerging as a new tourism trend.

This is Hong Seong-wook of YTN .


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