‘With spectators outside the stadium’ Kim Min-jae, the joy of winning through SNS

For the fans who have been waiting for the championship for 33 years off the field, Kim Min-jae captured the scene of history through SNS.

In the 2022-23 Italian Serie A 34R 온라인카지노match held at Stadio Diego Armando Maradona, Naples’ home stadium on the morning of the 8th, Napoli defeated Fiorentina 1-0.

In the 28th minute of the second half, Hvica dribbled in front of three defenders on the left side of the box to get a PK, and Victor Osimen’s winning goal finished the match and won.

More than the result of the game, what Napoli fans were waiting for on this day was the victory ceremony after the game. After 33 years, after the soccer hero named ‘Maradona’, after a ‘possible’ championship competition, the fans are thrilled to have reached the top by overwhelmingly trampling on Juventus, the Milan brothers, and rival Lazio, who showed an exceptionally good pace this season. has doubled

Kim Min-jae’s Napoli, who confirmed the league championship in the last 33R Udinese expedition. This game was a victory ceremony at home that could not be played in ‘away’.

For the fans who could not share this joyous scene, Kim Min-jae shared his joy through SNS.

Kim Min-jae expressed his joy with a trophy and a gold medal emoticon without writing. Then, he captured the image of fans singing Queen’s song, ‘WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS’ while running with his teammates in the middle of the ground.

After the championship ceremony, Napoli awarded the Scudetto after an away match against Monza on the 14th, a home match against Inter on the 22nd, an away match against Bologna on the 28th, and the final league match against Sampdoria at home stadium on June 4th. You will receive.

However, the schedule for the final match of the league may be changed through consultation with Serie A.


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