Will the system of two second basemen shake? ‘The strongest baseball’ shakes the plate 

A question mark was put on the second baseman of KT Wiz.

Existing Park Kyung-soo and Oh Yoon-seok are sluggish in the demonstration game. However, rookie Ryu Hyeon-in is digging into that gap.

KT’s starting shortstop is Park Kyung-soo. In the 2021 Korean Series, he became the Korean Series MVP who led the team to victory with a great defense. Last year, despite a sluggish batting average of 102, he signed a contract for another year as the team’s leader.

The player who will share second base with Park Kyung-soo is Oh Yoon-seok. Oh Yoon-seok, who came from Lotte in the 2021 season, was considered the owner to push Park Kyung-soo out and take the second base spot, but last year he failed. He only had a batting average of 2.3 and 4.

KT manager Lee Kang-cheol’s initial second baseman idea is a two-man system with Park Gyeong-soo and Oh Yoon-seok. Since Park Kyung-soo can’t play the full game, he has to share with Oh Yoon-seok. If Oh Yoon-seok demonstrates his ability, Oh Yoon-seok can play the main role and Park Kyung-soo can play mainly in defense.

However, in the demonstration game, both are sluggish. Oh Yoon-seok’s batting average is only 10.5 4 (2 hits in 13 at-bats). He hit his first hit against Kiwoom Heroes on the 13th, the first day of his demonstration game, and was hitless for three days.

Park Kyung-soo’s batting average is just 10.25 li (2 hits in 16 at-bats). Even if it is uploaded according to the season, the sluggish appearance makes me worry.

But at this time, Ryu Hyun-in stands out메이저사이트. Hyun-in Ryu made a good impression by getting 2 hits in 4 at-bats as the 8th and 2nd baseman in an exhibition game against the Doosan Bears held in Suwon on the 21st. He is batting . 3.3 3 (5-for-15) with 2 RBI. He is known to many baseball fans for his appearance in ‘The Strongest Baseball’, and he is expanding his presence by showing a good figure even in exhibition games.

When KT selected Ryu Hyeon-in, the legends who appeared in ‘The Strongest Baseball’ praised KT as a “really good player”, so KT also observed carefully from the finish camp. Were the expectations high? It wasn’t so great that I wondered if the compliments from the legends were lip service. But he is showing his true worth more and more.

A new competitor appeared in the world of second basemen, which had been fixed with Park Kyung-soo and Oh Yoon-seok. I think it will be an interesting final exhibition game.


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