Why does Tiger Woods have a comeback fight at Riviera CC, where he struggled even in his prime?

Golf emperor Tiger Woods (USA), who will compete in the first tournament of the new year at the PGA Tour Genesis Invitational (total prize money of 20 million dollars), played a pro-am round on the 16th at Riviera CC (par 71), the tournament course.바카라  Woods, who played up to the 16th hole wearing a winter coat and a fur hat in the chilly weather as the temperature dropped and strong winds blew, greeted his fellow amateur golfers and headed to the clubhouse.

The Associated Press reported, “Although Woods did not complete the remaining two holes, there was no problem climbing the 52 steps to the clubhouse.” It means that you are in good physical condition to compete.

Woods, who will play an official match 7 months after the 150th The Open Championship (Scotland) last July, will play with close juniors Rory McIlroy (Northern Ireland) and Justin Thomas (USA) in the first and second rounds. It is a splendid combination of major champions and former world No. 1 players.

Woods has returned after going through a short break several times before and showed unchanging strength. In 2002, he recovered after undergoing knee surgery, and in 2007, he stopped for 10 weeks and then returned and won the championship right away.

But at the time, Woods was healthy and in his prime. After a car accident that almost cost him his life two years ago, he escaped the danger of having his legs amputated, and now he is still in an uncomfortable condition, so we cannot expect such a miracle from Woods.

Besides, the competition course is not on his side. Riviera CC is a golf course where Tiger Woods first participated in a PGA tournament as an invited player in 1992 when he was a high school student. However, Woods has never won any of the 11 events he has played at this venue since his professional debut. In 1999, he enjoyed the peak of winning or at least second place in 10 out of 11 competitions, but only tied for 18th at Riviera CC.

The Associated Press described Riviera CC as a “love affair,” meaning that although Woods liked very much, the results of the tournament were not directly proportional, and that the two were affectionate speakers.

At the official press conference held on the 15th, Woods said, “I know this course well. I know that I did not have good results on this course,” he said.

The golf world is looking forward to the opening, wondering why Woods, who is not in good health, has to play a comeback match at Riviera CC.


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