Why are young people looking for ‘fat’?

Have you heard of Gawker?

It’s an open chat room for sharing money-saving tips, and it’s recently become a trend among 20-somethings.

Reporter Lee Hyung-won investigated why young people are looking for Gaggle.

Bus fare is criticized as waste, two eggs as luxury메이저사이트.

The exaggerated reprimands attached to these expenditures are full of humor.

My frugal endeavors are showered with praise.

The sharing of “frugal tech” tricks to save a dime is a bonus.

These are all conversations that have been posted on ‘Big Fat’.

[Kim Jeong-hyun / Creator of ‘gfat’ : Salary is not going up, but the cost of living is going up, so let’s share our expenses anonymously online with other people among friends and get some bitter comments, so we can save some money….]

Big Fat is an evolution of the “no spending challenge” that has been trending since last year.

It’s different in that it’s an anonymous, open chat room where people are encouraged to expose their plight, and the response is immediate.

That’s why young people, mostly in their 20s, go crazy for it.

The popularity has even led to the launch of ‘girly’ products with girly quotes.

[Eunhee Lee / Professor of Consumer Studies, Inha University : 20-somethings are an anxious generation, and it’s very difficult economically right now, so let’s just sublimate the current difficulties and hardships with a little bit of laughter (from Gogi Fat). ….]

It’s a way for 20-somethings to survive the recession.

In fact, 20-something spending has plummeted, with the lowest credit card spending of any age group.

The number of young adults employed also fell for the sixth straight month, and the drop was the largest in 26 months.

This is a “survival” story of 20-somethings struggling to find good jobs in a high-price economy.

Even today, stories of survival are being posted endlessly.

This is YTN’s Lee Hyung-won.


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