‘Uncommon sluggish partnership’ Miami in the silence of One Two Punch

He swallowed regret at the silence of the one-two punch that Miami believed in.

The Miami Heat lost 105-116 in a game against the Atlanta Hawks in the 2022-2023 NBA Play-In Tournament held at the Caseya Center in Miami on the 12th (hereinafter Korean time). 

Miami suffered a wire-to-wire loss without taking a single lead throughout the game at home, completely lost in the battle for air supremacy메이저사이트, allowing as many as 22 offensive rebounds to Atlanta on this day. 

Kyle Lowry, who led the team’s attack with 33 points, 4 rebounds and 5 assists, including 6 3-pointers, and Tyler Hiro, who did their part with 26 points and 6 rebounds, narrowed the score gap at one time and increased their momentum, but whenever it was important Unable to break the opponent’s flow, he unfortunately knelt down.

In the course of the pursuit, the sluggishness of Jimmy Butler (22.9 points) and Bam Adebayo (20.4 points), who are ranked first and second in scoring average within the team this season, was a game that caught the ankle. Even if the two players showed their usual efficiency, they could have turned the game around enough in a close match, but both Butler and Adebayo were not in very good condition that day.

First of all, Butler, who recorded 21 points, 4 rebounds and 9 assists, did his best as the team’s first option, but showed a poor sense of field shooting, such as missing easy shots in a row. 

Butler’s field goal success rate, which was the highest since his debut with a 53.9% field goal success rate this season, was only 31.6% (6/19), which is 25.0% (2/8) of his 64 regular season games this season. It was the lowest except for the game against the Clippers on January 3, when it only showed .

Adebayo, who ran the court for 41 minutes but only scored 12 points, 9 rebounds and 4 assists, was hardly able to use his strength in the attack. In fact, in a lineup featuring Butler or Caleb Martin at number 4, he had a hard time dealing with Clint Capella or Onyeka Okongwu alone. 

After first being introduced in the bubble in 2020, while the play-in tournament is being held in the current format from 2021, Miami is the first time that the 7th place in the regular season has been defeated in the upper bracket match of the play-in tournament and pushed to the final match.

Miami will face off against the winner of the lower bracket match between Toronto and Chicago on the 13th for the 8th seed on the 15th.


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