‘Ulzzang girl splendid finale?’ Valuable 2 consecutive victories born of long-term determination

Defending champion Posco International (hereinafter referred to as Poscoin) has won the Korean Professional Table Tennis League for the second year in a row. Even with the transfer of Korean women’s table tennis ace Jeon Ji-hee (Mirae Asset Securities), it was a valuable result achieved by the team sticking together.

Poscoin defeated Mirae Asset Securities with a match score of 3 to 2 in the second round of the Women’s Korea League championship decision of the ‘2023 Dunamu Korea Professional Table Tennis League (KTTL)’ held at Studio T (Gwanggyo Gymnasium), a table tennis stadium in Suwon, Gyeonggi Province on the 25th. He took revenge for his defeat in the first game and won the championship.

Poscoin, who ranked first in the regular league, advanced to the championship game with one win thanks to the advantage of the top team. Poscoin lost the 3rd place Mirae Asset Securities 2-3 after a close match on the 24th, but won the 2nd game and won the championship with 2 wins and 1 loss.

POSCO received the Sarajevo Cup, a newly created championship trophy, and 50 million won in prize money to commemorate Korean table tennis’ victory in the women’s team event at the 1973 Sarajevo World Championships. Mirae Asset Securities, runner-up, will receive 20 million won, and Samsung Life Insurance, who placed third, will receive 10 million won.

This season, there were concerns about a power vacuum as national ace Jeon Ji-hee was left out of Poscoin. Of course, Jeon Ji-hee did not play a big role in the first KTTL due to injury, but she has been the representative of the national team for many years with the highest world ranking (24th) among Korean players. In fact, Jeon Ji-hee led her team’s advancement to the postseason (PS) with her 3rd place in most wins (14-6) at Mirae Asset Securities this season.

On top of that, Mirae Asset Securities also advanced to the championship with Yoon Hyo-bin playing an active role in PS. Yoon Hyo-bin led the victory by defeating opponent ace Yang Ha-eun in the first round of the championship match with Poscoin following the playoffs (PO) with Samsung Life Insurance, which placed second in the regular league.

coach Jeon Hye-kyung fell into deep trouble after the first game. After suffering a disappointing loss, coach Jeon left the stadium early and started thinking about the second game. Coach Jeon pointed out, “I originally put Yuhanna in most of the last 5 singles, but I tend to feel burdened against the same left-handed player.” In fact, Yuhanna was defeated by Shim Hyeon-joo in 5 singles, giving away the second set with a lead of 9 to 3.

In response, Jeon made a bold decision, saying, “I will review the lineup change.” Daejin was the first to let Yuhanna go. In fact, singles is the most important match in KTTL, which has a 5-match 3-win system, with the advantage of overtaking the baseline. However메이저사이트, coach Jeon came up with a strategy of giving flesh and taking bones. Yuhan-na suffered a 0-2 defeat to opponent ace Jeon Ji-hee in the first singles match.

However, in the overall match, Poscoin won. Ace Yang Ha-eun calmed Yoon Hyo-bin’s storm with a score of 2-1 in the 2nd singles match, and saved the team in the 4th singles match by vomiting spirits by catching Jeon-hee 2-0.

, Kim Na-young, a hidden card and handsome girl, showed off her presence in the 5th singles. Her right-hander, Kim Na-young, won a complete victory over Sim Hyun-joo, who had lost to Yuhan-na the day before. She overpowered Sim Hyeon-joo by a large score, 11 to 1 in the first set and 11 to 3 in the second set. The strategy of putting Kim Na-young in place of Yuhan-na in Shim Hyeon-joo, who is strong in her left-handedness, was a great success.

Poscoin achieved its second consecutive victory with captain Yang Ha-eun at the center, and young players such as Kim Na-young and Yuhan-na harmonizing old and new. Yang Ha-eun was ranked 2nd in the regular league with most wins (17-5), Yuhan-na was 6th (7-3), and Kim Na-young was 9th (7-11). In doubles, Kim Na-young and Yoo Yu-na went 5-0 without a loss. In the midst of this, with the addition of the former coach’s mercenary skills, he has risen to the top for two consecutive years.

Coach Jeon turned the ball around, saying, “I really appreciate the players who worked hard in the midst of difficulties.” “In the final, Yang Ha-eun did a really good job as an ace and veteran,” he said with a smile. Director Jeon added, “I was able to win the championship thanks to the club’s full support,” adding, “I am grateful to the club, including CEO Tak Jeong (Vice President) and general manager Song Jong-chan.”

Mirae Asset Securities, led by coach Seon-Hee Yuk, performed well, but unfortunately had to be satisfied with the runner-up. Mirae Asset Securities, which caused a sensation to advance to the first championship game in third place in the regular league, confirmed Yoon Hyo-bin’s potential and raised expectations for next year’s season.


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