‘Two three-point shots’ Dongguk University big man Daekyun Lee, “I want to win”

“I want to get good results with these players. I really want to win.”온라인카지노

Dongguk University reinforced its strength with freshmen despite the graduation of key players. Officials point to Dongguk University as one of the teams that have improved their strength.

Some say that freshmen are freshmen. Dongguk University coach Lee Ho-geun also said that because high school and college are different, freshmen need about six months to adjust.

Even if tall players (Kim Myeong-jin, Woo Seong-hee) joined the team at Dongguk University, which pursues running basketball, Lee Dae-kyun (201cm, C), who is entering his third year, should take the lead.

Lee Dae-gyun, who recorded 15.4 points and 7.3 rebounds in an average of 29 minutes and 4 seconds in the college basketball league last year, said, “Winter training is difficult. It is mainly practice games, but if running was difficult last year, tactical training and defense are difficult this year.” As he ran a lot on the court in the gym, he developed endurance at first and then increased his speed as he went on to increase his acceleration.”

Lee Dae-gyun, who showed his ability to run at Dongguk University, who pursues a fast attack, said, “The fast attack seems to be good, but it was too weak in strength and defense. I want to make up for that,” he said. “When I looked back at the game, that kind of play came out, and when I saw that the opposing team’s coaches were doing a lot of one-on-one against me, I felt that the defense was really weak.”

One of Lee Dae-gyun’s problems was foul management.

When asked if foul trouble was more of a problem than defense, Lee Dae-gyun said, “Because I remembered that I wanted to play well, I wanted to do better, so I kept fouling and continued. So it seems that a lot of fouls came out,” he said. “I try to pay more attention to foul management. The manager and coach also taught me how to manage, so I’m learning.”

“I committed too many unnecessary fouls. For example, it was a team foul, but I fouled it. This is a lack of concentration. He even told me of a foul that had to be reduced, saying, “I was playing the defense perfectly well, but I fouled even with 3 to 4 seconds left (the attack time limit).”

Lee Dae-gyun, who is now in his senior year, was asked what he wanted to supplement further, saying, “I pay a lot of attention to one-on-one and defense because I practice a lot in this winter training. The rebound is also weak among the big men, so I try to rebound more.” “The thing I pay attention to the most is the 3-point shot. It works really well in practice, but it doesn’t work in practice matches. I care about the shot,” he s


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