Two elementary school students, no money, ordering a bowl of jjajangmyeon, a gift from a kind-hearted boss.

A Chinese restaurant owner who offered a second bowl of jajangmyeon to a group of children who were sharing a bowl of noodles because they didn’t have enough money was rewarded with a handwritten note along with the money for the food. The owner said he was “very touched” and was looking forward to seeing the children again.

“I saw two elementary school students sharing a bowl of jajangmyeon when they came to my restaurant on the 20th, so I gave them more (jajangmyeon),” Mr. A, who runs a Chinese restaurant in Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, told Chosun.com on the 30th메이저사이트.

According to Mr. A, the children hesitated for a while before ordering just one bowl of jajangmyeon to share. “I saw two people sharing a bowl. When I asked them why they only ordered one bowl, they said they didn’t have enough money,” he said. “I asked them why they only ordered one bowl and they said they didn’t have enough money,” he said.

The children’s handwritten note and cash to the store./Online Community

A few days later, the children returned to the Chinese restaurant with their parents and handed over a handwritten note and 8,000 won in cash to the staff, who were unable to meet them because Mr. Lee was away for a while.

“We are so grateful for the jajangmyeon and drinks,” the children wrote in the letter, adding, “We paid a little for the jajangmyeon because we got it for free.” “I will bring my family to eat later. It was really delicious,” and “I will become a generous person like the boss when I grow up,” he wrote.

The story attracted the attention of netizens when Ms. A’s son posted it on an online community on the 28th. “I want to tell you that there are proud fathers and beautiful children who exchange such warm feelings in this harsh world,” said Mr. A’s son.

Mr. A said, “I was very moved (by the handwritten letter). I felt good, like, ‘This is happening,'” he said. “It’s a small thing, but I think it’s educational and thoughtful of them to tell their parents and have them come back (to the store) with their children,” he said.

Mr. A said, “I haven’t spent the 8,000 won I received from my children yet and I’m keeping it.” Mr. A added, “I haven’t met my children yet. They said they would come to eat with their parents, and when they do, I would like to treat them to a meal.” “I was really impressed not only by the children but also by their parents,” he said, adding, “I would like to see them once.”


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