Transformation of the 1st nomination prospect who led the 5th round. “Balance over first” [SC interview]

“I only care about throwing confidently with my balance.”

Ki-hoon Kim of the KIA Tigers returned from Sangmu at the end of the season and gave the team a fresh breath in the bullpen that it needed. He pitched well with an earned run average of 1.04, giving up only 1 run in 8⅔ innings, although he did not record a win or loss by getting in the middle of five games.

In particular, in the LG game on October 6, when the battle for fifth place in the finale was fierce, he was put into the second inning following starter Lim Ki-young and blocked well with 2 hits and no runs through 3⅓ innings until the 5th inning, creating a foothold for the team’s 5-4 come-from-behind victory.

Kim Ki-hoon, who showed good performance in the middle, is challenging the selection this year. They are competing for the 5th selection with the existing 5th starter Lim Ki-young and the 1st round 2nd rookie Yoon Young-cheol.

On the 20th (hereafter Korean time), when he first played in spring camp, Kim Ki-hoon, who had not had a very good record with 6 hits, 2 walks and 5 runs (2 earned) in 2 innings after starting in a practice game against the national team, is now playing in Okinawa, Japan. A full-fledged competition for the top 5 starts.안전놀이터

What Kim Ki-hoon cares about is maintaining his form, which produced good results after changing it last year, and scattering his balls with good balance.

Kim Ki-hoon said, “I only threw one game in Arizona, but I had a lot of time to practice. I practiced focusing on the parts I needed to pay attention to.” I’m paying attention,” he said.

He is Kim Ki-hoon, who was anxious about the ball, but he said he didn’t care about the ball. Of course, he didn’t give importance to the other parts, such as the octagonal sword.

Kim Ki-hoon, who said, “I changed my form to throw consistently, but it’s important to maintain it,” said about the competition for the 5th starting pitcher, “I plan to focus only on being able to throw my ball confidently without getting discouraged once I get on the mound.”

It is based on the confidence that if you can spread your own ball, you can do well in the starting competition.

Kim Ki-hoon started in Sangmu and showed a good appearance with 6 wins, 2 losses and an average ERA of 2.95. He is Kim Ki-hoon, who can occupy an advantageous high ground if he only throws like he did then.


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