Top Rated Mobile Esports Betting Sites

Esports has seen a recent explosion in betting action – no big surprise for a global industry that is now generating more revenue than some well-established traditional sports. 토토

Betting sites go to where the traffic (and money) is, and there is more global traffic on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) collectively than there is on traditional desktop and laptop computers.

While mobile esports betting sites have been available for several years now, they started out in something of a deplorable state. The industry’s big players have really started to get things together at this point, however, offering robust mobile apps that replicate nearly all the features of their main sites

Now, the above represent the traditional sportsbook model as applied to esports. They offer the same sort of action your standard casino sportsbook will, just limited only to esports contests.

There are also fantasy esports sites and leagues. These parallel real money fantasy sites for traditional sports, such as DraftKings and FanDuel. The two worlds of fantasy esports and sportsbook/live esports betting are usually kept separate in terms of mobile betting sites.

This page focuses on the sportsbook model of real money esports betting. Most of the mobile sites you’ll be dealing with in this realm take action on a wide variety of traditional sports in addition to esports. Many bettors like this, as they don’t limit their betting to just esports, and it’s convenient to keep tabs on all the different types of games from your phone or tablet.



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