Tie for 6th place 10 years ago → come-from-behind championship, Lara Jabal “I love you, Korea”

Pablo Larazabal (Spain), who won the Genesis Korea Championship jointly organized by KPGA (Korea Professional Golf Association) and DP World Tour (European Tour), did not hide his satisfaction.

In the final round of the tournament held at Jack Nicklaus Golf Club Korea in Incheon on the 30th, Larajabal hit a 5 under par 67 with 6 birdies and 1 bogey. With a final total of 12 under par 276, Larazabal beat Marcus Helikilde (Denmark, 10 under par 278 strokes) by two strokes and held the championship trophy in his arms.

Larajabal, who was tied for second place with Scott Jamieson and Park Sang-hyun in the final round, cut two strokes in the first half and went out. He slowed down to look at hole 10 (par 4), the first hole of the second half, but after holes 11 and 12바카라사이트 (par 4 above), followed by holes 14 (par 4) and 15 (par 5), he caught birdies in succession, leaving a gap with the 2nd place group. widened La Razabal held the championship trophy in his arms while keeping the number of bats in the 18th hole (par 5) following the 17th hole (par 3). 8 wins overall.

“It’s a fantastic win,” Larazabal said at the press conference for the win. “It’s my 40th birthday in two weeks, and it’s meaningful to win the championship over young players,” he said. “It’s more meaningful because it’s a win in Korea, where the DP World Tour hasn’t been held for the past 10 years. There weren’t many opportunities to play in Korea, but now Korea has become my favorite place,” he smiled. Regarding the moment that left the most impression on him, he replied, “I remember the pre-tour of the competition and the second round when the wind forecast was strong, but the moment when I lifted the championship trophy was the best moment.” “I thought I had to take the ninth hole in the second half to win. I think the birdie on the 11th hole was the turning point,” he said. did.

He, who tied for 6th place in the DP World Tour in 2013, said, “I remember playing with Anthony Kim in Jeju Island. Both the course and gallery were good. There are parts that are different from Spain, but the passion of Korean galleries is not different.” I will return to Korea as a defending champion.”

Regarding the recent strength of the Spanish players, Larazabal said, “I think Yon Ram, the world’s No. 1 player, is showing it the best. I think passion is the key. “he said. “I’m thinking of going back to Barcelona and participating in family events and relaxing for my birthday,” he said.


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