There are still 3 missing FAs… 2024 FA market, possibility of epoch (FA give up) one after another UP

The 2023 FA market is not over yet. Han Hyeon-hee (Lotte Giants) and Lee Myeong-gi (Hanwha Eagles) dramatically leave to find a team, and the number of lost children is decreasing, but there are still three missing children, including Jeong Chan-hun, Kwon Hee-dong and Kang Ri-ho. In this free agent market, he showed a different appearance due to the salary cap. If you don’t show clear skills, the clubs will not be able to take a look at it easily. The fact that Kang Ri-ho, a left-handed pitcher with an annual salary of 73 million won and a rare left-hander, is unable to find a team has great implications for players who are about to become free agents.안전놀이터

The 2024 FA market is expected to be less topical than in previous years. This is because big players such as Oh Ji-hwan and Koo Chang-mo signed multi-year contracts early on.

Still, there are 28 reserve free agents. There are 13 pitchers, including Kim Jae-yoon, Ju-gwon (KT), Kim Kang-ryul, Hong Kun-hee (Doosan), Lim Chan-gyu, Ham Deok-joo (LG), and Oh Seung-hwan (Samsung). name comes out

There are seven infielders, including Yang Seok-hwan (Doosan), Ahn Chi-hong (Lotte), Kim Seon-bin (KIA), Seo Geon-chang, and Kim Min-seong (above LG), and four outfielders, including Lee Yong-gyu (Kiwoom) and Jeon Jun-woo (Lotte).

Of course, the possibility of everyone applying for FA is low. In the 2023 free agency, a total of 40 people were eligible for free agency, but 19 people did not apply for reasons such as choosing free agency, multi-year contracts, or retirement. There is a possibility that the number of FA applicants will decrease even more this time. This is because clubs are unlikely to invest unless they are a certain heavyweight due to the salary cap.

Among the players who have confirmed the club’s movements in this free agency market, it seems that there are not many players who will accept missing free agents and submit applications.

I don’t think I would carelessly apply for a C grade without a reward player. In the 2023 FA market, 9 out of 15 C-class players submitted applications. I thought that the fact that there were no compensated players would help the FA negotiations. In fact, as many C-class players transferred, the effectiveness of C-class increased. However, Lee Myung-gi, who was good at batting, managed to transfer through a sign-and-trade, and while Kang Ri-ho was unable to find a team, it turned out that just because he was a C grade, it was not always easy to find a team.

How many epochs will be in the free agency market in 2024?


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