The war between Verlander and Scherzer’s ‘opening match’ is more interesting because it is a reservation for the Hall of Fame

It is also a concern that there are two future Hall of Fame inductees in one team. The Major League Baseball (MLB) New York Mets made a difficult choice regarding the starting pitcher for the opening game.안전놀이터

The New York Post, an American media outlet, reported on the 15th (Korean time), “The Mets are considering Max Scherzer (39) and Justin Verlander (40) as the starting pitchers for the opening of the 2023 season.”

The two players are pitchers who joined the Mets with a difference of one year. Scherzer, who signed a three-year, $130 million contract last year, went 11-5 with a 2.29 ERA in 23 games. He proved class, though injuries limited him to just 145 innings pitched.

Then, ahead of this season, last year’s American League Cy Young Award winner Verlander joined the Mets. He returned from Tommy John surgery (elbow ligament splicing surgery) and made a record last year of 18 wins and an average ERA of 1.75.

The whole story is also splendid. Scherzer and Verlander both won three Cy Young Awards. As for the career multiplier, Verlander has 244 wins and Scherzer has 201 wins, surpassing 200 wins. In terms of strikeouts, Verlander ranked first with 3,198 strikeouts, and Scherzer ranked second with 3,193, five behind. Both are players who are certain to be in the Hall of Fame in the future.

The season opener is an event in which the aces of each team scramble. At this time, the player who pitches as a starting pitcher is recognized as the first starter of the team. It’s not just a simple order setting, it can also be a battle of pride.

Previously, the two players ate together in Detroit from 2010 to 2014. During this period, Verlander started as an Opening Day starter for five consecutive years, and Scherzer never appeared even after winning the Cy Young Award in 2013. However, this year, the situation is unknown in that Scherzer joined the Mets first.

Even when Jacob deGrom (35, Texas) was present last year, the Mets were agonizing over their opening starter. However, as both players could not join due to injuries, second-year right-hander Tyler Megil (28) unexpectedly took the mound as a substitute starter.

It could be a big worry, but the command tower was calm. According to the media, Mets manager Buck Showalter (67) said, “It’s a good problem. But it doesn’t matter.” At the same time, he said, “It is a solvable matter,” but the media expected that “Showalter’s words may be a signal that this difficult problem has already been quietly sorted out.”

Meanwhile, the Mets will have an opening game against Miami on March 31 at Londippo Park, Florida, USA.


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