The Tottenham chairman is thinking… “You’re younger than Yoris, and you’re aggressive.”

Julian Nagelsmann (35) has emerged as a candidate for Tottenham’s new manager. But there are also concerns.

British media ‘Express’ reported on the 3rd (Korean time), “Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy has two concerns about manager Nagelsmann.”

He added, “Coach Nagelsmann is currently메이저사이트 leading the competition for Tottenham’s new coach. Several candidates are being discussed, including Vincent Kompani, Brendan Rodgers and Arne Slot, but Nagelsmann is the most likely candidate.”

However, Chairman Levy has a problem. According to the British media’The Sun’, Chairman Levy is worried about Nagelsmann’s age. The media said, “Coach Nagelsmann is one year younger than Tottenham captain and goalkeeper Hugo Lloris,” and “only six years older than key players such as Harry Kane and Eric Dyer.”

“After the turmoil this season, Levy wants the next manager to earn everyone’s respect,” he added.

Nagelsmann’s militant nature is also a concern. The media noted that “Nagelsmann’s performance was positive enough, but he clashed with Bayern Munich’s hierarchy until he was recently sacked.”

Born in 1987, 35-year-old coach Nagelsmann led Hoffenheim from 2016 to 19 and Leipzig from 2019 to 21, drawing attention as a “young master” and rising to the command tower of Bayern Munich. He was even evaluated as a ‘tactical genius’.

Coach Nagelsmann led the league championship in his first season, but left regrets by dropping out early in the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League or the German Football Association (DFB) Pokal. This season, as the league championship was at stake, he parted ways with the team.

Meanwhile, Manchester United interim manager Ralf Rangnick analyzed that Nagelsmann would suit Tottenham well.

“Tottenham is not a club that expects to rise to the top right away. Tottenham is an interesting club in many ways. They have the best stadium in the world, as well as training facilities. It will be important.”


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