The stage of dreams for sportsmen for life’ opens in Jeonbuk on May 12

We will embrace the world through sports for everyday life” (Kim Gwan-young, Jeonbuk Governor)

The 2023 Asia Pacific Masters, the dream stage of sports people for life, will be held in Jeonbuk for nine days from May 12. Governor Kim, who served as the chairman of the Jeonbuk Asia-Pacific Masters Organizing Committee, met with reporters at a restaurant in Jongno-gu, Seoul on the 26th and gave a detailed report on the preparations for the tournament.

The Masters is an international sports competition for everyday life, which is the Olympics, World Cup, and Asian Games in terms of elite sports. Anyone over the age of 30 can participate, regardless of nationality, gender, race or religion. The purpose of the tournament, which even retired players can participate in, is to pursue individual pleasure, regardless of performance. World Championships have been held every four years since 1985, and continental competitions are also held in Europe, America, and Asia-Pacific. The event held in Jeonbuk this time is the 2nd Asia-Pacific Games. It is also the first international sports competition to be held in Korea. Including two demonstration events such as gateball and park golf, 26 events including taekwondo, badminton, track and field, swimming, baseball, soccer, basketball, and volleyball will be held in 45 stadiums in 14 cities and counties. Overall, the preparations for the competition are going well, but the recruitment of participants is not yet satisfactory. In the aftermath of Corona 19, the tournament was delayed for a year, and publicity was not achieved satisfactorily, so it is below the target of 10,000 people (including companions). Currently, 3,675 people from 35 countries 메이저사이트(excluding those who have not paid the participation fee) have confirmed their participation. The Organizing Committee, which extended the registration period from the end of January to March 12, plans to make the festival more abundant by simplifying visa issuance, visiting friendly cooperation cities, providing incentives for overseas participants, and operating a dedicated travel agency.

Governor Kim said, “Many people have seen hope through sporting events such as the 2022 Qatar World Cup and the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics,” and “through this Asia Pacific Masters, we will embrace the world through sports for living.”


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