The reason why the winner of the ‘Han River Daze Contest’ wore a ‘tuxedo’ was revealed

While the 6th ‘Hangang Bruise Contest’ was held successfully, attention was also drawn to the winner wearing a tuxedo.

On the 21st, 70 teams of all ages participated in the ‘Han River Bruising Contest’ held on the Hangang Jamsu Bridge and competed with their honed bruising skills.

3160 teams from all over the country applied for the blanking contest, which was held for the first time after the outdoor mask was lifted, and the pre-competition rate reached 45:1. According to the Seoul Han River Project Headquarters, participants from various occupations such as self-propelled artillery engineers, zookeepers, paramedics, soccer players, and doctors were selected after a comprehensive review of the applicant’s story, occupational group, and age.

The organizers said, “We held the contest to remind modern people that doing nothing is not worthless.” Singer Crush participated in the 2016 contest and won first place, becoming famous.

During the 90 minutes, participants were not allowed to laugh, chat, check their phones or fall asleep. Heart rate was measured every 15 minutes, and participants who were not hooked on punching were immediately eliminated, and the final winner was determined by adding up citizen votes.

The winner on this day was actor Jeong Seong-in (31), dressed neatly in a tuxedo. Unlike most of them wearing comfortable clothes such as pajamas, T-shirts, and skinny pants, they drew attention.

In an interview after winning the championship, Jung Sung-in said, “I came without thinking about the award itself, so I am dumbfounded because it was a result I could not have imagined,” and then expressed his hopes, “I hope this award will help me to get known and become famous as an actor.”

Regarding the reason for wearing a tuxedo, he said, “(A tuxedo) is an actor’s romance. I tried on a tuxedo for the first time with this tournament as an opportunity, and I tried it on with hope. It seems to be worth a lot of money.”

He said that the experience of being bruised while working part-time helped him win. Jeong Seong-in said, “I do a lot of other part-time jobs while acting, but there are times when I have a little free time when a lot of customers come in and then get hooked. When that happens, I hit the bruise very well.”

Jung Sung-in later posted on SNS , “I participated through a competition rate of 45 to 1 and won first place among 70 players. He praised me for making bruising a habit,” he said.

Gangnam (36), a broadcaster, also appeared in the competition that day. Wearing a red T-shirt, he expressed his aspirations, saying, “I’ve been good at bruising since I was in elementary school, so I wanted to try it once.” “I want to win and challenge Crush hyung.”

In addition, sportscaster Kim Min-beom (25) said, “After working without a break all week, I didn’t feel like taking a day off, so I attended because I felt I had to do something. The company secretly left the broadcast schedule and came.”

Mr. Kim, an office worker in his 30s, said토토사이트, “I will definitely win as much as I get scolded for being ‘bruised’ every day at work.” High school friends Mo and Mrs. Park said, “I attended to relieve the stress accumulated from studying for the exam after the midterm exam.” I practiced blanking every life science class,” he laughed.

The winner, Jeong Seong-in, was given a golden trophy in the shape of Rodin’s ‘The Thinker’, a certificate and badge, and an invitation to the ‘International Stupid Contest’. Certificates were provided to all participants, including Gangnam.

Meanwhile, actor Jung Sung-in made his debut in 2017 with the play ‘Tempfile’. In the short film ‘Worst Imagination’ (director Lim Joo-hyung) released last year, he worked with Bada from the group SES . He also appeared in minor roles in the movie ‘Vertigo’ starring Chun Woo-hee and Yoo Tae-oh, and ‘Confidential Cooperation 2: International’ starring Hyun Bin and Yoo Hae-jin.


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