‘The next captain’ Kim Min-jae, the leader of the team with mature skills and attitude

He is the leader of the team without a doubt. His skills are excellent, but his attitude, which is more mature than before, is also noticeable.

It has been six years since Kim Min-jae wore the national team uniform. Having been selected for the A team for the first time in August 2017, he has grown into a seasoned player who has played 48 A matches and experienced even the World Cup.

What stands out the most is his skill. Kim Min-jae is currently playing as the main defender for Napoli, a prestigious Italian team in Serie A. Now, in name and reality, he is a world-class center bag. He is likely to win Serie A, and also reached the quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League. Kim Min-jae, who is the center of the team, is naturally receiving attention from all over Europe. He is at the level that big clubs like Manchester United, Paris Saint-Germain and Chelsea are aiming for.

The same goes for the national team. Together with Kim Young-kwon, he firmly protects the rear. It was the same during the days of former coach Paulo Bento, and the situation does not change even after the new coach Jurgen Klinsmann takes over. Coach Klinsmann highly praised Kim Min-jae, saying, “Even if compared to world-class defenders, he has equal skills.

Recently, it seems that he has matured mentally as well. Kim Min-jae in his early 20s was a hot and cool character. There is a famous example of a rather radical direct response to an Iranian fan who came to his SNS and left abusive language. This style has also been loved by the public.

In the meantime, Kim Min-jae has been through a lot. He passed through China and Turkey, settled down in Italy, the center of Europe, and experienced the Champions League, which is called the stage of stars, and has become a more mature figure. If you look at his recent matches or his attitude in interviews, you can clearly see a change메이저사이트.

At a press conference on the 27th, Kim Min-jae said of Federico Valverde, who has a bad relationship with Korea, “There have been many bad situations, but I don’t think I should put emotions in it.” I don’t think so,” he said calmly. He had a mature idea that it was more important to show his skills calmly rather than putting his emotions first.

Just looking at his attitude towards the recent transfer rumors, we can confirm that Kim Min-jae has grown into a prudent player. In a situation where he is connected to leading clubs in Europe, Kim Min-jae said, “The transfer rumor has been going on for 4-5 years. Now I want to focus on the team. I don’t want to be affected, but I can’t be bothered by that. It’s still uncomfortable and I can’t get used to it. Important competitions and matches remain, so I want to focus only on them.”

In addition, looking at the national team’s training atmosphere, Kim Min-jae is the player who encourages the players the hardest and shouts “fighting.” He is the style that blows the most positive air on and off the field.

With his skills as well as the mental aspect, Kim Min-jae is evaluated internally and externally as the next captain of the national team. Kim Min-jae is currently 26 years old, which is an age where he can participate in the next World Cup as well as the next World Cup. Since the center back has a relatively long lifespan, he has room to play longer in the national team. While Son Heung-min, born in 1992, is in his early 30s, there are opinions that it is natural for Kim Min-jae, who is four years younger, to inherit the captain’s armband. As long as Kim Min-jae is present, the back of the national team is strong for the time being.


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