The ball boy incident 2 years ago, revenge for fans dreamed of by Daejeon Hana

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, 10 years of dissatisfaction with the nobleman. This is a phrase used in the historical record written by Sima Qian, an ancient Chinese historian. If you don’t feel it because it’s written in Chinese characters, you’ll understand it right away if it’s a proverb that means that a gentleman’s revenge is not too late even if it takes 10 years. It is a proverb often used in our society.

This proverb originated from an anecdote of a person named Beomjeo during the Warring States Period in China in the past. Beomjeo, who suffered from difficulties because he was unable to step on the career path due to poverty, went to Qi as an envoy following Suga, a middle-ranking official, and showed off his hidden talents in front of the king of Qi. The king of Qi praised Beomjeo and welcomed him, and after Suga, jealous of this appearance, returned to Wei, he slandered Beomjeo and had him flogged.

It is said that Beom-jeo, who was beaten with a club and was in danger of losing his life, managed to survive by pretending to be dead. With this resentment deep in his heart, Beom-je later defected to the Qin Dynasty, became its chancellor, and defeated the Wei Dynasty. Seeing this anecdote, the phrase that came to Samacheon’s mind was ‘A gentleman’s revenge is not too late even if it takes 10 years’. In other words, this phrase should not focus on the rhyme of a gentleman. There is a terrible spirit of revenge in each phrase, and the scary psychology that revenge must be thorough even if there are hardships in the process.스포츠토토

Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023 1st round opening game scheduled for February 26th at 4:30 pm at Daejeon World Cup Stadium Daejeon Hana Citizen fans, especially Daejeon Hana Citizen fans who remember the pain of the promotion playoff that took place in Gangneung 2 years ago Hana fans probably engrave this phrase in their hearts and go to the stadium.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that Daejeon Hana is a gentleman’s team or something like that. However, it is clear that he will be filled with the desire to take revenge on Gangwon like the old character Beomjeo. Daejeon Hana coach Lee Min-seong, whom we met on the 16th at the Samsung Hotel in Geoje, mentioned fans and expressed his determination to fight for Gangwon.

Coach Lee said, “It’s a game we have to digest throughout the season,” but said, “Personally, I don’t have much emotion. But for the fans, it’s a game we must win.” There is a reason. At that time, Daejeon Hana went to the brink of promotion, but suffered a collapsed reverse defeat to Gangwon. Due to the flow of the game, the balance of the team suddenly broke and Gangwon conceded a lot of points and lost, so it was a game that Lee and the players who played at the time had to feel a great sense of responsibility.

However, apart from that issue, the fact that the ball boys placed by Gangwon at the time disrupted the game was enough to incur great anger from Daejeon Hana and their fans. Daejeon Hana supporters, as well as Daejeon Hana club level, issued a statement strongly condemning the ball boy’s behavior at the time, and the matter was referred to the reward and punishment committee. As a result, the scene of a ball boy bringing the ball has disappeared from the K-League pitch.

Now, other soccer fans have had such a thing, and it has become an episode that can be done, but it was inevitable that it would be an unforgettable pain for fans of Daejeon Hana. As a result, I had to challenge for another year, and had to endure more patience and pain during that time.

“Our fans came all the way to Gangneung to cheer us on. And we shed tears together.”

Coach Lee still did not forget the scenery after the game at the time. He said, “I thought about doing it quickly if it was a team that had to be attached anyway. I thought maybe the Korea Professional Football Federation would put a match like this. Only then will the fans be interested and the box office will be successful. However, we still have to sacrifice for the sake of the fans.”

Then, “I was given the opportunity to wipe away the tears of the fans as soon as I entered the K-League 1. I want to play a good game to wipe away the tears for the fans as soon as possible. I want to give the fans a present from the opening game.” showed up

Aside from the ball boy incident, this match is significant in many ways in the context of Daejeon Hana. It is the first K-League 1 game after the transition from a citizen team to a corporate team. If you recall that the will of the parent company Hana Financial Group, who wanted to make the team the best in the K-League and even one of the strongest in Asia, was really strong, this match will be a turning point in the history of the club.

It means more to the fans. Eight years have passed since they were relegated to the bottom of the K League 1 in 2015. Fans felt a lot of upset and pain in the process of returning to the first division, such as internal confusion during the citizen team days and a promotion failure that was almost impossible to catch after switching to a corporate team. So this match itself has a lot of meaning for the fans. In such a game, it would be perfect if the shock of the ball boy incident could be washed away by winning against Gangwon. In other words, Daejeon Hana prepares for the historic K-League 1 return match with great motivation.


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