That’s why it’s not a penalty kick”… According to the changed rules, the referee explained to the spectators

After the video review (VAR), the referee took the microphone and announced the result to the audience. This is due to the new regulations being piloted.

An interesting scene emerged in the first round 메이저사이트 of the 2022 FIFA Club World Cup between Al-Ahli (Egypt) and Auckland City (New Zealand) held at the Battuta Stadium in Morocco on the 2nd (Korean time).

In the second half of extra time, with Al-Ahli leading 3-0, Auckland defender Mitchell Adam fouled Al-Ahli’s Mohamed Sheriff. The referee Ma Ming (China) called for a penalty kick, but the VAR referees read that the foul was outside the penalty box.

In response, referee Ma Ming checked the VAR, took the microphone, and directly announced that “the location of the foul was outside the penalty box, not inside,” and corrected the penalty kick as a free kick. Adam, who fouled, received a red card.

The International Football Council (IFAB) said on January 19th, “From now on, the referee will directly announce the reason for the VAR decision to the stadium and TV viewers through a microphone.” I will,” he said.

Chinese media ‘Sina Sports’ said of this decision, “A new scene was born that will draw a new mark in the history of VAR.” It will lead to an improvement in the environment,” he said.


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