Terrible lightning… If thunder strikes within 30 seconds, immediately evacuate for 30 minutes

With the loss of life due to lightning strikes on the beach in Yangyang-gun, Gangwon-do, there are voices calling for special attention to lightning strikes in the summer. This is because most of the lightning strikes that occur each year are concentrated in the summer. Lightning mainly causes fatal accidents in flat lands without high structures around it, but, like the Yangyang fatal accident, humid flat lands such as beaches and sea surfaces are also dangerous areas.

According to the police on the 11th, Jomo (36), who was receiving treatment at the hospital after being struck by lightning at Seorak Beach in Yangyang-gun around 5:33 pm the previous day, died around 4:15 am that day. After being taken to the hospital in a state of cardiac arrest, Cho’s breathing and pulse returned in about 10 minutes, but he never regained consciousness.

Six people were injured in this lightning strike. Five people, including the deceased Cho, were sitting on the beach after surfing and were struck by lightning. The other one had an accident while using an umbrella. The other five people, including Cho, are in a state of no life-threatening condition.

Lightning is a lightning phenomenon that occurs between a cloud and the earth’s surface, and it usually occurs in the summer, the rainy season. According to the Korea Meteorological Administration’s ‘2022 Lightning Annual Report’, an average of 108,719 lightning strikes occurred over the past 10 years, of which 85,943, or 79%, occurred in the summer (June-August). 90% of lightning strikes last year occurred during the summer months. Fall (September-November) 5.7%, spring (March-May) 4.1%, and winter (December-February) 0.2%.

During the same period, there were 17 cases of casualties caused by lightning strikes. Seven people were killed and 19 injured. Half of the casualties were damaged in mountainous areas, 31% were on flat ground such as golf courses, and 12% and 8% were injured indoors and at construction sites, respectively.

In mountainous areas, lightning strikes frequently on ridges, rocks, and valleys, so if damage was done indoors, lightning strikes usually led to fires안전놀이터. Flat land is dangerous because there is no high structure to block lightning, so there is a high possibility of falling on people. This was the case with the Yangyang lightning accident.

Lightning tends to fall on tall, pointed objects. This is why when lightning strikes, stay away from tall trees, street lamps, and telephone poles. High structures also play a role in absorbing lightning strikes, but this Yangyang lightning accident did not have such structures due to the nature of the beach. If a person is standing on a flat ground, it can act as a ‘lightning rod’ and induce lightning strikes. If you are using an umbrella, you are more likely to be struck by lightning.

It is important to avoid high-voltage lightning strikes unconditionally. It is best not to go out when lightning is predicted, but if lightning strikes while you are outdoors, you must evacuate into a building or car. In the case of a car, it is made of metal that conducts electricity, but in case of a lightning strike, it is rather safe because the current flows along the surface of the car to the ground.

When lightning strikes, stay away from tall trees, streetlights, and power poles, and do not use umbrellas, golf clubs, or fishing rods, but fold or lay them flat. If lightning strikes while climbing, quickly lower your body and evacuate into a hollow or cave without water.

In particular, remember and follow the ’30-30 safety rule’. If thunder sounds within 30 seconds after lightning strikes, immediately evacuate to a safe place, and move after 30 minutes after the last thunder sounds. If thunder rang within 30 seconds of the lightning strike, it means that the lightning occurred very close.


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