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One of the most talked-about players on the Korean Ladies Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour this season is Bang Shin-sil (19). She finished 40th in last year’s KLPGA Tour Seeding Rankings, making her a “conditional seed,” meaning she can only play in select events, but she’s been one of the most talked about rookies this season. She has only played in four tournaments, including the Chris F&C KLPGA Championship in April, but you can feel the fans in the room growing every time she goes to a tournament.

Rookie Chamsil, whose drives can reach up to 300 yards. Courtesy of the KLPGA Tour

The key to Bangsinsil’s popularity is his long drives and aggressive approach to the course. On the KLPGA Tour, the average drive is 236 yards (216 meters), while Bangshinsil’s average drive is 265 yards (242 meters). Her average drive distance is also more than 30 meters longer than the tour players, with 33 tee shots over 280 yards (about 256 meters) in four tournaments. Fans have said that Bangshinsil’s play “cools you down”.

Bangsinsil reminds me of Yun Ina
The reason I mention Bangshinsil is because it ties in with the topic we’re going to talk about today. The name fans use when referring to Bangshinsil is Yoon In-na (20). Yoon In-na, who made her debut on the tour last season, was the hottest rookie on the tour last season before she was temporarily suspended for “Oguplay”.

Much like Bang, Yoon In-na’s long drives and aggressive approach to the course made her a favorite. Yoon led the tour last season with an average drive distance of 263 yards. In 15 tournaments last season, Yoon hit drives of 280 yards or more 145 times. They are also similar in height, with Yoon standing at 170 centimeters and Bang at 173 centimeters.

Yoon In-na led the KLPGA Tour in average driving distance last season. Courtesy of the KLPGA Tour
As a result, fans of the KLPGA Tour have been thinking of Yoon In-na when they look at her. At the same time, they are asking about Yoon In-na’s latest news and wondering when she will be able to return to the tour. Yoon In-na was suspended for three years last year for the “misplay” controversy that she failed to report after playing with someone else’s ball instead of her own on the 15th hole in the first round of the DB Group 36th Korean Women’s Open on June 16.

She has since reopened her social media accounts, which she closed shortly after the controversy, and spent last winter training in the United States. He also competed in a mini-tour of US states to keep his game fresh. She donated her prize money from the tournament to charity.

How did Yoon Ina feel about turning herself in?
I have no intention of judging Yoon Inna, but since it’s been seven months since her suspension, and she’s been self-restrained, many fans are curious about what she was thinking at the time.

Yoon Ina’s diary, which I have exclusively obtained, reveals what was going through his mind at the time. Yoon In-na has kept a daily diary of her training and feelings since she was in middle school. I obtained the diary last year, but I didn’t publish it because it was before she was disciplined and it could affect the level of her discipline.

In the diary entry from June 16안전놀이터, last year, Yoon writes, “I made a bad play.” She then writes, “I shouldn’t have listened to my (caddie) brother when he said it was okay and just hit it… I regret it so much,” and “Why couldn’t I be calm at that moment… Why couldn’t I check the ball properly in the second… Why couldn’t I say it was my ball?” You’ve been feeling remorseful about your behavior since the day you made the misplay.

In her diary, which only she writes and reads, she also expresses resentment toward others. On June 23 last year, a week after the game, Yoon wrote, “I resent my (caddy) brother so much for not stopping me there. I really hate him,” and “Why didn’t (coach) Pro and my dad tell me that it was wrong at that time?” she wrote.

On July 3, last year, Yoon In-na decided to self-report, although she had been wondering if it was “too late to report,” because she felt overwhelmed by the attention she was receiving. On July 3, last year, she wrote in her diary, “First experience in the championship group. I was so nervous. It’s a good experience,” she wrote, “I should report myself now.” The next day, she writes an apology in her diary.

Yun Ina’s self-declaration took place 12 days later. In the meantime, she wrote in her diary, “My head hurts. I can’t see well. I think my low blood pressure is getting worse,” and “I’m worried about what people will think.” On July 15, last year, the day she reported herself, she wrote, “I finally reported myself,” and said, “My heart is at ease. I feel like a heavy weight has been lifted off my shoulders, and I should have done it long ago. I should have done it long ago because I feel like I put down a heavy burden.”

There are many different opinions on the fact that she reported herself after only about a month of playing Oguplay. Some fans say it’s understandable, while others criticize what she did for so long. However, there is one thing we can all agree on: we want to see Yoon and Bangsin-sil face off in a long, hard-hitting match now that she’s finished her punishment.


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