Shin Chang-won, an escaped prisoner of the era, tries to make extreme choices in prison

It was found that Shin Chang-won (56), a long-serving prisoner known as the ‘prisoner of the era’ in the 1990s, tried to choose a theater troupe. It was confirmed that Shin, who was taken to the emergency room, had no damage to his life.

According to the legal community on the 22nd메이저사이트, Shin made an extreme choice at Daejeon Prison on the 21st. Shin was found by a prison guard who was on duty and immediately taken to the hospital.

An official from the Ministry of Justice explained, “His life is not affected by the prompt response to the situation.”

Shin was sentenced to life imprisonment for robbery and murder in 1989 and served time in prison. The fashion he wore at the time of his arrest became a hot topic, and the ‘Shin Chang-won Syndrome’ occurred.

This is not the first time Shin has tried to choose an extreme group. After his arrest, he was sentenced to an additional 22 years and 6 months in prison, and later tried to make an extreme choice in 2011 and fell into critical condition.


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