Seongan Middle School, Hyangnam High School, Nam Middle School Saber, Girls’ High School Epee, the strongest

Ansan Seongan Middle School and Hwaseong Hyangnam High School won the South Central Saber and Girls’ High School Epee team event side by side at the 35th Korea Middle and High School Federation President’s Cup National Men’s and Women’s Fencing Championships.

Last year’s 3rd place Seong An Middle School, coached by coach Cho Seong-Hoon, participated in the final of the South Central Saber team event held at the Iksan Indoor Gymnasium on the 27th, with Park Min-jun, Koo Jun-mo, Kim Min-jae, and Kim Jung-hwan as a team, defeating Oh Seong-jung in Daegu 45-40 and winning the tournament for the first time in two years. rose to Koo Jun-mo, who won the individual event two days ago, won two gold medals in the competition.

Seong An-joong had a bad start to the final. Kim Min-jae and Park Min-joon scored 2 points and 1 point in succession, and Seong An-jung was led 3-10, and the third runner, Koo Jun-mo, scored 12 points against Jang Jin-won and succeeded in reversing with a score of 15-12.

However, in the 2nd round메이저사이트, Seong An-jung, who fell behind 27-30 in the middle of the 5-star again, Kim Jung-hwan, the first runner in the 3rd round, beat Shin Su-ho 8-2 and succeeded in reversing with a score of 35-32, followed by Koo Jun-mo and Kim Min-jae, Heo Seon-yu and Lee Soo-hyun, respectively. 5-4 and won by 5 points.

Seong An Middle School coach Seong-Hun Cho said, “Jun-mo Koo and Jung-hwan Kim, who were in constant competition last year, led the team well, and Min-jae Kim and Min-jun Park, who placed third in the individual competition, were able to win the championship. I am happy to return to the top after two years and win the individual championship.”

In addition, Hyangnam High School, led by coach Hong Yong-ki in the finals of the women’s high school epee team event, defeated Iri Girls’ High School 45-39 with a team of Bang Hyo-jeong, Hwang Jeong-hyo, Yang Ji-ye, and Kim Ga-eun to achieve their second consecutive victory.

Hyangnam High School, which defeated Suwon Changhyeon High School 45-33 in the semifinals, led the first round 12-8, with Yang Ji-ye, the first runner in the final, leading Kim So-yeon, 5-4, and Hwang Jeong-hyo beating Jeon Ji-hye 4-0. In the second round, the first runner, Kim Ga-eun, defeated Go Jeong-yeol 5-3, widening the score to 17-11.

However, Bang Hyo-jung and Hwang Jeong-hyo hesitated and allowed Hyangnam High School to pursue with a score of 27-25, giving away their first comeback with a score of 30-32 in the first match of the 3rd round. Yang Ji-ye then defeated Ko Ye-yeol 4-1 and succeeded in reversing 34-33, and Hwang Jeong-hyo, the final runner, took a 11-6 lead over Kim So-yeon and kept the team victory.

With this, Hyangnam High School won the 1st to 3rd place in the individual competition and also won the team competition, showing off its strongest power. Hwang Jeong-hyo won two gold medals, including the individual championship.

Hong Yong-gi, coach of Hyangnam High School, said, “We faced a hurdle in the middle of the game, but Hwang Jeong-hyo and Kim Ga-eun and other third-year students persevered well, so we were able to overcome the crisis and win the championship. I will focus on strengthening teamwork in the future.”

On the other hand, Epe Seongnam Yeongseong Middle School in the South Central Division and Fleure Seongnam Girls’ Middle School in the Girls’ Middle Division lost 33 to 43 and 27 to 45 to Jinju Jeil Middle School and Busan Jaesong Yeo Middle School, respectively, and won the runner-up side by side.


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