Selected as ‘All-MLB Now Team’! ML’s best value for money… The value of Kim Ha-seong soars

Ha-seong Kim is an outstanding player and beast.”

The US’MLB Network’ announced on the 17th (Korean time) that it selected and announced the ‘2023 All-MLB Now team’. Here, Ha-seong Kim tasted the joy of being selected as the ‘All-MLB Now Team’.

The ‘All-MLB Now Team’ means a team composed of players who meet the conditions selected by the ‘MLB Network’ when the team is built within a limited budget. In other words, the ‘MLB Network’ selected the players who could bring out the best ‘cost-performance ratio’. In a word, it can be seen in a similar context to the Tampa Bay Race, which produces the best performance without spending a lot of money.

‘MLB Network’ explained, “We like Shohei Ohtani and Freddie Freeman, but we can’t build a team with those players.”

‘MLB Network’ set a total of five conditions in the process of selecting the ‘All-MLB Now Team’. The first is Plate Discipline, the second is Contact Skills, the third is above-average defense and baserunners (Plus Defenders & Baserunners), the fourth is Positional Versatility,

Last year’s ‘All-MLB Now Team’ included catcher Omar Navaez (MIL), first baseman Yandy Diaz (TB), second baseman Jake Cronenworth (SD), third baseman Luis Araez (MIN), and shortstop Isaac Cainer. -Palepa (NYY), designated hitter Robbie Grossman (ATL), and outfielders Adam Duvall (ATL), Miles Straw (CLE), and Jesse Winker (SEA) were selected. All of them were not ‘high-paid’ wagers by the standards of last year.

And Kim Ha-seong was selected for the ‘All-MLB Now Team’ announced this year. ‘MLB Network’ includes catcher Jonah Haim (TEX), first baseman Vinnie Pasquantino (KC), second baseman Ha-seong Kim (SD), third baseman Taylor Walls (TB), shortstop Jorge Mateo (BAL), and designated hitter Lamonte Wade Jr. (SF), outfielders Stephen Kwan (CLE)메이저사이트, Lars Nutba (STL), and Hunter Renfro (LAA) formed the ‘2023 All-MLB Now Team’.

Here, I revealed the reason why Kim Ha-seong was selected. Most of the selections were based on last year’s performance. ‘MLB Network’ said, “Ha-seong Kim is an excellent player and fielder. Ha-seong Kim moved to shortstop when Fernando Tatis Jr. could not run, and recorded DRS (Defensive Run Save, Defensive Contribution) +10 as a shortstop.” “It’s a shame,” he praised Kim Ha-sung’s defensive ability.

Continuing to say, ‘MLB Network’ said, “Ha-sung Kim’s bat is also good. He is in the top 40 in the major leagues in his ability to withstand manned balls. His pitching plan is improving every year.” This was above average in the major leagues. If Ha-seong Kim had an above average batting average, it would be even better.”

He also raised his head against his running ability. ‘MLB Network’ added, “Ha-seong Kim also has an above-average main power,” adding, “When you see Ha-seong Kim, you will think more about him and his game.”

Ha-seong Kim has established himself as a key member of San Diego last year in a situation where Tatis Jr. left the team due to injury and disciplinary action for taking prohibited drugs. In defense, he was selected as a finalist for the National League Gold Glove, and in 150 at-bats, he recorded 130 hits, 11 home runs, 12 stolen bases, and a batting average of 0.251 OPS of 0.708. The reason why Ha-seong Kim was selected as the ‘All-MLB Now Team’ is that he performed well compared to his annual salary.

This year, after playing 41 games, he recorded 31 hits, 4 homers, 6 stolen bases, a batting average of 0.235, OPS of 0.696, and his batting average and batting average dropped slightly from last year. However, he is recording the same on-base percentage (0.325) as last year, and there is plenty of time left to make up for the disappointment. With his performance in the last season being highlighted year after year, his value is getting higher and higher.


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