SD scored 6 points with a 4-way home run, beat SF 6-1, and Ha-Seong Kim’s OPS fell to 0.794.

Among the 30 major league teams, the San Diego Padres is the only team with a winning percentage of less than .500 and a positive point differential.

The Padres defeated their district rival, the SF Giants, 6-1 at Petco Park on the 3rd (Korean time), following the previous day. This brings the season record to 64 wins and 73 losses.

The Giants and Arizona Diamondbacks lost at the same time, resulting in a record of 70-66, and the Cincinnati Reds defeated the Chicago Cubs 2-1, resulting in a record of 71-67, maintaining a tie for third place with three teams without a win.안전놀이터

The Padres’ run differential is +58. The Minnesota Twins (71 wins, 65 losses), leading the American League Central Division, are +52. The Padres’ National League run difference plus or minus ranks 5th in the rankings. It ranks 11th overall in MLB. However, the performance is not proportional to the goal difference and remains at .400. This is why they are evaluated as a very strange team.

All 6 runs on this day were home runs. Juan Soto scored 27 in the 1st inning, Zander Bogaerts 16 in the 2nd, Gary Sanchez 19, etc., and in the 6th inning, Garrett Cooper scored 6 points with a 3-pointer. These are all home runs allowed by Giants starting left-hander Kyle Harrison. Except for Soto, the three are right-handed hitters. The number of hits for both teams was 6-5, with the Padres ahead.

The reason why the Padres have a winning percentage of .400 despite a high run differential and their chances of postseason are slim is because they are weak in pitching battles, 1-run margins, and overtime. The clutch ability is not being used at all. 19 wins and 39 losses in games with a 1 or 2 point margin, 6 wins and 22 losses with a 1 point margin, and all losses in 11 overtime games. After the 8th inning, the score is 1 win and 59 losses. This is because high-income earners are lethargic and focused on hitting in a situation where they have to hit.

Ha-seong Kim played as the top hitter at third base and recorded no hits in four at-bats. His batting average fell to 0.274 and OPS to 0.794. This is the first time that OPS has fallen below 0.700 since July 24th. It has only been 36 games since he hit his first MLB multiple home run against the Pittsburgh Pirates on the 25th, rising to 0.810.

Meanwhile, Padres starting left-hander Break Snell pitched 6 innings, allowing 3 hits, 4 walks, 8 strikeouts, and no runs, bringing his season record to 12 wins, 9 losses, and an ERA down to 2.50. He maintained the season’s highest number of walks (89) and first place in ERA at the same time. He also added 8 strikeouts, reaching 201 for the season. It has been five years since the club recorded 200 strikeouts in a season with 221 when it won the American League Cy Young Award in 2018.


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