San Diego spends a lot of money, inconvenient owner of Colorado… Why the sniper remark?

According to the Denver Post, a local Colorado magazine on the 29th (Korean time), the owner of Monfort said, “I don’t agree 100% with what San Diego is doing. It’s a talented team, but there are some holes.” 

San Diego is making aggressive moves by acquiring outfielder Juan Soto and closer Josh Hader through trades last summer and acquiring free agent shortstop Zander Bogaerts for 11 years and $280 million this winter. The team’s annual salary this year is expected to be 3rd in the league at about $251 million. On the other hand, Colorado has no clear reinforcements other than acquiring reliever Pierce Johnson for 5 million dollars for a year this winter. 메이저놀이터 The team’s annual salary is expected to be 16th (approximately $163 million), which is the league average. 

As a National League West division team, the owner of Monfort, who is in a position to compare with San Diego, said, “It is a lot of pressure for us. Not only San Diego, but also the New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies are aggressive. It’s an exciting year,” he said. 

“I don’t agree 100% with what San Diego is doing, but our fans seem to agree. We’ll see what happens. “San Diego is a really talented team, but they have some holes. They only have about 3 or 4 stable starting pitchers. I only know Joe Musgrove, Blake Snell, and Darvish Yu. He pointed out that the 4th and 5th starters are weak. 

Furthermore, owner Monfort said, “San Diego spent a lot of money, but they have to spend more money to keep Soto alive. That will put a lot of pressure on us too.” If San Diego extends the contract for Soto, who has two years left until free agency, it could be a big threat to Colorado in the long term. 

While sniping at San Diego, he showed confidence in Colorado’s strength and future. “We have a lot of talent, and there will be a lot of good ones this year,” Monfort said. I think a win rate of more than 50% is possible,” he said. “There are great prospects in the minor leagues, and some of them will come up this year. This is the year to show expectations with new players. I hope it will be a year of progress,” he said. 

Colorado has four players on the MLB.com Pipeline Top 100 Prospect list: shortstop Ezequiel Toba (#25), outfielder Jack Bean (#27), shortstop Adael Amador (#68) and catcher Drew Romo (#84). It is included. Obviously, the future is bright, but the prospects for the new season are not bright due to years of conflict. 

Colorado, which traded Nolan Arenado (St. Louis), a star third baseman, after an 8-year, 260 million dollar extension contract with the club after 2 years of disagreement, traded MVP former MVP Chris Bryant for 7 years and 182 million dollars. was recruited as an FA. However, as Bryant only played 42 games due to injury, he fell to the bottom of the division (68 wins, 94 losses, .399 win rate). Due to inefficient investment, it has been struggling with a win rate of less than 50% for the past 4 consecutive years.


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