RPM 2556 Doljikgu comeback…Pilseungjo’s last puzzle, “I will suffer with my brothers now” 

“I will take responsibility and go through hard times together with the hyungs.”

About three weeks passed before reinforcements arrived at the Lotte Giants bullpen. And they played a game that felt worthwhile after holding out for three weeks. Choi Jun-yong (22) returned to his original role as Pil Seung-jo in the first team and played a perfect comeback match, taking responsibility for the team’s victory.

Choi Jun-yong registered for the first team entry for the first time this season ahead of the match against Changwon NC on the 21st. Choi Jun-yong’s start was in the 2nd group. His exhibition game performance was only 13.50 earned run average (6 earned runs in 4 innings) and 9 hits (3 home runs) in 5 games. Judging that his pitch and condition were not yet perfect, the coaching staff ordered Choi Jun-yong to prepare over time. 

It could have been regrettable for Choi Jun-yong, but the coaching staff was adamant. Nevertheless, Choi Jun-yong was still in the idea of ​​Pil Seung-jo and expected to return perfectly. As expected, Choi Jun-yong returned to his original form. Coach Bae Young-soo praised him, saying, “He came back with a perfect condition as much as I believed.”

On the 21st, Choi Jun-yong, who was chasing 1-2 against Changwon NC, made his first appearance of the season and scored 1 hit and no run in 1 inning. The fastball with a maximum speed of 147 km was heavily pierced. In the electronic signboard data measured at Changwon NC Park, the fastball RPM (revolutions per minute) was taken up to 2556 times. He further evolved by mixing and throwing various breaking balls such as the slider메이저사이트 curve changeup. 

And in the game on the 22nd, he took the mound in a critical situation with 1 company and 1st and 2nd bases in the 8th inning when he was chased 8-5. He allowed the first batter Cheon Jae-hwan a timely hit and sent in the successor runner, but overcame the crisis by directly handling Han Seok-hyun with a first baseman foul fly and Son Ah-seop with a ground ball. After Choi Jun-yong returned, the team all won, and in this victory process, it was confirmed again that it was a winning card.

Reviewing his first start this season, Choi Jun-yong said, “I was excited and nervous because I threw in the first team for the first time in a long time. It was similar to the feeling I had when I was a rookie.” 

Regarding starting in the 2nd group, he said, “I recognized my skills. I prepared with the mindset that there was nothing to fall behind in the 2nd group, and when I went up to the 1st group, I prepared with the thought that I should do as well as expected.” He took good care of his condition, so I think he will be able to pitch well in the future.” 

Not only did the stone fastball return, but he also used various breaking balls in practice. He said, “All my opponents know that I usually throw fastballs. He told me a lot about the second type of pitch.” They gave me the rules. I practiced curves a lot and it feels good to be able to use them well.” 

While Choi Jun-yong was gone, the existing Pilseung-jo pitchers such as Koo Seung-min and Kim Won-joong had to shoulder the burden. Kim Sang-soo and Kim Jin-wook played the role of new Pil Seung-jo, but overload seemed to come early in the situation where Pil Seung-jo was incomplete. Koo Seung-min and Kim Won-joong hinted that they playfully criticized them, saying, “I came after taking care of my physical strength alone. Can’t you see we are struggling?”

Now, he knows very well that he has to share the burden in the second half of the game. He said, “Seungmin hyung and Wonjoong hyung have suffered a lot. I will prepare so that I can go through hardships together in the future.” To win, you have to block it well, so I will throw it earnestly and carefully, one ball at a time.”


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