‘Rookie Draft D-20’ The outline of Lotte-Samsung-KIA gradually revealed, the pitcher’s strong 1st round TOP12?

The rookie draft is about 3 weeks away. As the draft draws closer, the 1R game is gradually revealing its outline.

1R this season is likely to be a strong pitcher. It is because there are not many fielders who can threaten the 1R, and above all, there are many good pitchers.

First of all, the two seats in front of 1R were virtually secured by Hwang Jun-seo and Kim Taek-yeon.

Hwang Jun-seo, the ace of the national team, is the most trusted resource for coach Lee Young-bok. Director Sohn Hyuk is interested enough to come all the way to Gunsan to watch. Based on his stable control, he has a splitter with adjustable angles and curves that form diagonally.

However, the current pace is somewhat disappointing. On August 24, in a practice game against Korea-Japan Jangsin University held at Gunsan Wolmyeong Baseball Stadium, he scored 142km in 2 innings without a goal.

At this point, Kim Taek-yeon is rated as No. 1 in high school. His pitch is good enough to record a maximum of 148 km in 5K in 1.2 innings in a match against Hanil Jangsindae. His main weapon is the slider and changeup. It is evaluated that he will not be inferior even if he is put on the mound in Jamsil tomorrow. There is no chance that these two will come down to number two.

The most important is from No. 3 Lotte to No. 6 KIA Tigers. The choice they make is of utmost importance.

Speaking from the conclusion, the evaluation is good in the order of Jeon Mir (Gyeongbuk High School), Yuk Seon-yeop (Jangchung High School), Kim Hwi-gun (Hwimun High School), and Jo Dae-hyun (Gangneung High School), which have not yet reflected the youth team’s performance. It has not been confirmed yet, but it means that the ranking of the weather map is like this when looking only at the current point of the D-20, excluding the element of the youth national team.

All-around Jeon Mir who can be both a hitter and a pitcher (Photo = Reporter Jeon Sang-il)

Jeon Mir is an all-weather resource that can be both a starter and a bullpen. In addition, he has excellent control and boasts the ability to use high-quality breaking balls such as curveballs, sliders, and splitters. Above all, he is a mentally good player who can demonstrate his ability in a crisis situation. Even as a hitter, it is evaluated on the field that the hitting speed is already at the 1st group level.

In a practice game against Hanil University, he was sluggish as a hitter with no hits in 4 at-bats, but as a pitcher, he proved his record of 147 km with no runs in 1.1 innings.

So far, if you look at the Lotte Giants’ third-place nomination odds, Jeon Mir is by far the highest. And there is a very high possibility that Jeon Mi-re will not leave the Samsung Lions no matter how late it is.

Yuk Seon-yeop is the player with the greatest potential to threaten Jeon Mir. Yuk Seon-yeop has fully recovered from his recent injury and is preparing for a sortie. He has demonstrated good four-seam and curveball in his recent bullpen pitching. In particular, he is evaluated as having improved in terms of balance after correcting his pitching form, which requires him to stand upright.

However, it is regrettable that he could not prove it in real life, throwing only 44 innings in his high school career. If Jeon Mi-reu is a real-life type, Yuk Seon-yeop is more like a potential type. Looking at it so far, the atmosphere in the field is that there is a high possibility that Lotte and Samsung will share Jeonmi and Yuk Seon-yeop.먹튀검증

Kim Hwi-gun showed a good appearance in the recent Presidential Cup. In particular, he received favorable reviews for showing a complete recovery in terms of his oral position. He is heavy on the ball end and has a good cut fast ball. If he picks a right-handed fire bowler, he is a player who can be counted as the first hand ‘by far’. When Jeon Mi-re goes out in front, Samsung considers Yuk Seon-yeop and Kim Hwi-gun the most.

Cho Dae-hyun still has a good ball. He has a high RBI, and a four-seam is quite good.

It is evaluated that he is a pitcher who can throw 155 km if he is well trained. However, the youth team is struggling physically enough to exclude pitchers altogether. He was a pitcher until middle school, and he never pitched a long inning until his second year of high school. He is so off pace, but at this point, there are many expectations that he will not deviate from the 6th ranked KIA.

The 10th National High School Baseball Championship, co-hosted by Financial News and Busan Financial News, was held at Hyundai Motor Dream Ball Park in Gijang-gun, Busan for five days from the 8th to the 12th. In the match between Seoul High School and Busan High School on the 10th, the third day of the tournament, Won Sang-hyun, a senior at Busan High School, fights back. Photo = Reporter Park Beom-joon

After Cho Dae-hyun, it’s a hassle. Currently, there are four pitchers being considered for 1R. They are Won Sang-hyun (Busan High School), Jeon Jun-pyo (Seoul High School), Kim Yun-ha (Jangchung High School), and Jo Dong-wook (Jangchung High School). Won Sang-hyun, Jeon Joon-pyo, and Kim Yun-ha all have one thing in common: they have good pitches, excellent breaking pitches, and are calculating pitchers. They are also players with both speed and control. There are many evaluations that he is one step ahead of other pitchers in terms of perfection.

If I had to pick one more player, left-hander Jo Dong-wook would also be a candidate for the 1st round. Cho Dong-wook is the No. 1 pitcher among left-handed pitchers. He is getting extra points because he is tall, has a good slider, and above all, is a pitcher with good pitching.

In particular, teams in the second half of 1R are strongly considering it in terms of resources that can never be caught in 2R.

Among fielders, pitchers with a 1R potential are infielders Park Ji-hwan and Yeo Dong-gun. Park Ji-hwan is currently regarded as the best among beasts. He has a good shoulder, fast bat speed, and is evaluated as a player with a good arm and a good pioneering eye. Above all, he has a good disposition to the point of being captain of the youth team. Yeo Dong-geon is fast on her feet and has good power even though she is small.

The most important thing in whether the two beasts go to 1R is the choice of Kiwoom. If Kiwoom appoints one of these two as the 1R, there is a high possibility that they will go to the 1R, otherwise there is a possibility that they will be pushed to the 2R.

Among the high school players in 2023, the player who will go out the fastest is definitely Jo Dong-wook (Photo = Reporter Jeon Sang-il)

However, both of them are the best resources in the infield this season, so if the 1R is all pitchers, they are the most likely players to go out first in the 2R.

Therefore, the clubs with the lower 1R and upper 2R nomination rights are keenly aware of the choice of Kiwoom Heroes. Kiwoom Heroes is putting its life and death on this draft, with general manager Ko Hyeong-wook coming to Gunsan to understand the team’s every move.

In addition, the various practice matches held until August 29th and the youth national team’s performance in Taiwan on September 1st are expected to act as the last variable in the 1R rookie draft.


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