Returning to the EPL after 4 years?…”Former Chelsea coach mentioned as Conte successor”

Gianluca Di Marzio, who is well versed in Italian football, told Sky Sports on the 22nd (Korean time), “The news I can say for sure is that manager Antonio Conte will leave Tottenham at the end of this season. There was no contact. “Conte’s contract will expire and the club has not requested a renewal.”

Conte built his reputation by coaching at Juventus, Chelsea and Inter Milan. Conte, who has become one of Europe’s leading coaches, came to Tottenham midway through last season. He rebuilt Tottenham from collapse under coach Nunu Santo and put the team in 4th place in the league. He received favorable reviews for quickly dissolving his color and achieving results.

Ahead of this season, the 카지노 board provided support by recruiting several players such as Richarlison and Yves Bisuma, and led the retention of key players. It was expected that he would improve more than last season, but Tottenham is in a great situation. Although it is in 5th place in the league, the content of the game is not very good and the gap with the top teams is large. The dominant evaluation is that the advantages are completely lost and only the disadvantages are maximized.

There were even rumors of a breakup with Tottenham in a shaky situation. When word came out that Conte, whose contract expires after this season, would not remain at Tottenham, candidates for his replacement were discussed. Mauricio Pochettino and Thomas Tuchel were mentioned, but Sarri was also mentioned. The British’The Sun’ said on the 24th, “Tottenham are considering Sarri as a replacement for Conte.”

Coach Sarri is a person who has risen to the top of the list without a professional player career. He showed enthusiasm for football while working as a bank clerk, gradually rising from the lower leagues and making his name known in earnest by directing Empoli in 2012. He became Napoliro’s national coach for Italy. He made good use of a modern tactical method that blends build-up and pressing. After Napoli, he worked as a manager at Chelsea and Juventus, and is currently the manager of Lazio.

Italy’s ‘Football Italia’ said on the 23rd, “Coach Sarri is not on good terms with Lazio’s board. If Sarri goes to Tottenham, he will make a more practical team than now and show flexibility. Over the years, manager Sarri has developed further. Harry Kane seems to be able to use it well,” he said, claiming that manager Sarri fits with Tottenham.


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