‘Return to Delbridge Bench’ Incheon vs ‘Unconventional Lineup’ Suwon, Announcement of Starting List

Will the mood be changed or will it be reversed? It is a dream of statues in Suwon and Incheon ahead of the Children’s Day match.

Incheon United and Suwon Samsung Bluewings will face off in Round 11 of the Hana One Q K League 1 2023 at the Incheon Soccer Stadium located in Incheon on Children’s Day on the 5th.

The atmosphere of the two teams this season seems to be the same but different. The ups and downs at the beginning of the season were the story of both Incheon and Suwon. However, while Incheon succeeded in reversing the atmosphere to some extent, Suwon fell into an endless abyss.

The recent atmosphere in Incheon is good크크크벳. They recorded 1 win and 1 draw against Gangwon and Suwon FC in April. Although they lost 0-1 to leader Ulsan, they showed a threat to Ulsan in the game, and in particular, in the last round against Pohang, Moon Ji-hwan and Cheon Seong-hoon scored consecutive goals to win 2-0, stopping Pohang’s undefeated streak. 

Incheon has a strong offensive line with Hernandez and Jerso based on sniper Chun Seong-hun, who returned from Germany, and the midfield line of Mun Ji-hwan and Shin Jin-ho is also strong. Del Bridge, who could not play against Pohang due to the birth of his child, is also expected to return, so Incheon is expected to be able to face Suwon with full power.

On the other hand, Suwon will finish the system of acting manager Choi Seong-yong after this game against Incheon. Suwon, which sacked manager Lee Byung-geun last month and appointed acting manager Choi Seong-yong, tried to turn the tide, but lost all three games.

Suwon, which is at the bottom with 2 draws and 8 losses and the same points as Incheon in 2020, will be in the worst situation to finish the first robin round without a victory if it loses this game as well.

As acting head coach Seong-yong Choi, after attempting to change the atmosphere through victory, the fight between the two teams for victory is expected to be fiercer than ever, as he intends to hand over command to coach Kim Byeong-soo, who was appointed as the next head coach.

Incheon set Oh Ban-seok, Kwon Jin-jin, and Kim Dong-min as the defensive line. After returning from maternity leave, Delbridge waits on the bench. Min Kyung-hyeon and Jeong Dong-yoon are wingbacks, and Moon Ji-hwan and Shin Jin-ho add weight in the center. Zerso is on the left, Chun Seong-hoon and Hernandez aim for Suwon’s goal from the center and right, respectively. The goalkeeper gloves are worn by rookie Min Seong-jun.

On the other hand, Suwon’s starting lineup will include Lee Ki-je, Park Dae-won, Han Ho-gang, and Kim Tae-hwan in the four-back line. Kim Bo-kyung, Han Seok-jong, and Yu Je-ho are midfielders, while Jeon Jin-woo, Park Hee-jun, and Lee Sang-min are at the top. Mulich was excluded from the list, and Ahn Byung-jun was also excluded from the selection. Bultuis, who was injured, was also excluded from the entry.


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