“Pull it as much as you want” MLB left-handed hitter’s smile ‘defense shift limit’ effect

As a point of watching the American Professional Baseball Major League (MLB) this season, the defensive shift limit regulation is drawing attention메이저사이트. The MLB Secretariat created a defensive shift limit rule ahead of the 2023 season. A defensive team must have at least four fielders in the infield, excluding the catcher and pitcher. In addition, two players must stand on either side of second base.

This rule was applied from the 2023 season demonstration game.

Kyle Schwarber (Philadelphia Phillies), one of the leading left-handers in MLB, was found to have benefited from this rule.

Opponents have generally shifted defensively when Schwaber was at bat. This is because he is the type of person who pulls the pitcher’s ball to the extreme.

According to the Associated Press, last year, Schwaber’s at-bats were found to have reached 90.5% of the total in the defensive shift situation.

Due to the extreme defensive shift, Schwaber’s batting average in exhibition games last season was only 2.7 li, but his batting average in five demonstration games this season is 3.8 li.

The Elias Sports Bureau, a local baseball record statistics company, analyzed that the increase in batting average was influenced by the defensive shift limit rule.

According to data from the Allier Sports Bureau, the league batting average for the first 10 days after the opening of the demonstration game was 0.263, up 0.004 from the record for the same period last year (0.259).

The batting average of left-handed hitters, who are relatively affected by defensive shifts, rose from 0.255 last year to 0.274.

Citing this data, the AP said, “It’s difficult to define a clear correlation between defensive shift restrictions and batting performance because we haven’t played many games yet, but at least it seems to have a significant impact on batters’ mentality and confidence recovery.” .

There was also an interpretation that the defensive shift limit rule has more impact on players who hit a lot of single hits, such as infield hits, than long hitters.

Tampa Bay Rays coach Kevin Cash said, “I haven’t played many games, but I’m already feeling the change.”

Some teams have started operating irregular shifts by changing the position of outfielders in line with the rules. Experts predict that a variety of similar variant shifts may emerge after the opening of the regular season.


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