Promised Land, Jeonnam Province blossoms with its status as ‘Sports City Busan’

The Busan Gwangyeo City athletes have completed preparations to enhance the reputation of Busan as a ‘Sports City’ in Jeonnam, the ‘Land of Life’, where the 104th National Sports Festival will be held. The Busan City athletes are showing their determination to lay a stepping stone for the resurgence of Busan’s sports by achieving good results in both individual and team competitions at this National Sports Festival.

The Busan team finished 8th overall (57 gold medals, 55 silver medals, and 67 bronze medals) at the 103rd National Sports Festival held in Ulsan last year. The Busan team initially set a goal of 56 gold medals, 60 silver medals, and 97 bronze medals. Although we exceeded the number of gold medals set as our pre-competition goal, we did not meet our expected goals for silver and bronze medals.

The Busan team is making every effort to achieve better results at this year’s Jeonnam National Sports Festival, using the disappointment from the last competition as a stepping stone to take a leap forward. In this competition, 1,672 athletes will participate in 49 sports, including track and field, swimming, and sailing, and will compete fiercely with athletes from 17 regional governments across the country.

Busan is sweating hard with the goal of winning gold medals in individual sports such as track and field and swimming, as well as team sports such as baseball and badminton. The Busan city team is expected to contribute to the hunt for medals not only in these sports, but also in various other sports in which Busan is traditionally strong, such as sailing and fencing.

Ha Ji-min (Haeundae-gu Office), who is competing in the sailing laser event, is the star athlete representing the Busan team and is considered a strong candidate for the gold medal at this National Sports Festival. Ha Ji-min will be selected as a member of the Korean national team at the 19th Hangzhou Asian Games, which will open on the 23rd ahead of the National Sports Festival, and will compete with Asian powerhouses.

Ha Ji-min won gold medals in all competitions she participated in from the 87th competition when she was a student at Yangwoon High School in Busan to the 99th competition, establishing herself as the strongest yachting player in the country.

National fencing team member Song Sera (Busan Metropolitan City Hall) is also a valuable supporter of the Busan team. Song Sera, who competes in the women’s epee fencing event, also plans to bring glory to Busan by competing in the National Sports Festival immediately after participating in the Hangzhou Asian Games.토토사이트

Song Se-ra’s goal is to overcome her disappointment of finishing in third place in the women’s epee individual event at the 103rd National Sports Festival last year and win her gold medal. Sera Song will challenge for gold medals in succession at the Hangzhou Asian Games and National Sports Festival based on her good performance, which saw her win a silver medal at the 2023 Asian Fencing Championships held last June.

The Busan athletes are ready to reach the top of the National Sports Festival based on their united strength in team sports. The Busan team is expecting gold medals in baseball, basketball, kendo, badminton, and sepak takraw.

The Busan High School baseball team, representing the baseball team, is working hard in training with the goal of winning a gold medal. Busan High School once again showed off its reputation as a traditional powerhouse in high school baseball by winning the 77th Golden Lion National High School Baseball Championship held last May. Busan High School, led by coach Park Gye-won, is expected to achieve good results in this National Sports Festival as it has an even strength in both shots.

The Busan University of Foreign Studies badminton team competing in the badminton team event is also a strong candidate for the gold medal. The Busan University of Foreign Studies badminton team dominated the women’s doubles gold and silver medals in the university competition at the National Badminton Championships held last July, proving that it is the strongest women’s university badminton team. Busan University of Foreign Studies badminton team players are strengthening their strength under the guidance of coach Eun-hwa Jeong, a former national team member and senior at Busan University of Foreign Studies.

In basketball, Dongju Girls’ High School, the pride of Busan school basketball, is challenging for the girls’ high school championship. The Busan Environment Corporation women’s division will participate in the Sepak Takraw women’s general category. The Busan City Sports Council’s women’s kendo team is also aiming for a gold medal in the kendo team event.


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