political remarks prohibited’ from this year… Criticism of “stopping the driver’s mouth

 Reporter Ahn Hong-seok = Formula One (F1), the world’s best car racing competition, faced criticism for suppressing drivers’ ‘freedom to speak’.

According to the International Automobile Federation (FIA), which hosts F1 on the 25th (Korean time), a new regulation that bans drivers from making political statements was enacted at the end of last year and has been in effect since this year.

The regulation states that “the making or public display of political, religious or personal comments or statements that violate the FIA ​​principle of neutrality is prohibited unless prior approval is obtained from the FIA.”

The FIA ​​did not clearly stipulate the disciplinary action to be taken in case of violation, but the racing world understands that sanctions such as banning from participation will follow. 바카라사이트

F1’s star drivers have often been vocal about social issues.

Representative figures are ‘Emperor’ Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes, England), who shines as a seven-time world champion, and Sebastian Vettel (Germany), who announced his retirement from F1 last year.

As a black man, Hamilton, who was always interested in racism issues, actively participated in the “Black Lives Matter” movement sparked by the death of George Floyd in May 2020.

After the incident, he showed up at every race until the end of the season wearing a T-shirt that read ‘Black Lives Matter’ and performed his kneeling performance. Thirteen F1 drivers followed in Hamilton’s footsteps.

Vettel has primarily been a vocal advocate for women’s and sexual minority rights.

At the 2021 Hungarian Grand Prix, Vettel drew attention by wearing a rainbow-colored T-shirt symbolizing LGBTQ solidarity.

Judging from the cases of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the International Football Federation (FIFA), which have long banned political speech, there seems to be nothing particularly problematic about the new rules of the FIA.

However, in the case of human rights issues, there are criticisms that the FIA’s new regulations are anachronistic in light of the recent trend of allowing some expression of opinion at the stadium.

Since 2020, sportspeople’s social comments have become more frequent and positively accepted, and F1 drivers such as Hamilton and Vettel were clearly at the forefront.

There is also an analysis that the ‘oppressive regime’ in the Middle East is located in the background of the FIA’s movement.


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