Pledge – Monthly check-ins – Tighter rules…Athletes, are you ashamed of yourself?

SSG has come out with a follow-up to the groping and assaults in the secondary. It’s a hard line. Says he’ll work to strengthen the squad to prevent recurrence. More ‘control’. Did the clubs really need to do this?

On the 19th, the Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) deliberated and finalized the disciplinary action against Lee Won-jun, Lee Yi-yeon, and Choi Sang-min for their harsh behavior toward junior players. Lee Won-jun was suspended for 72 games and Lee Yi-yeon and Choi Sang-min were suspended for 30 games. Lee Won-jun has already been released from SSG, so his punishment will begin when he finds a new team.

SSG immediately issued an apology. They also announced measures to prevent the incident from happening again. “We apologize to our fans. We humbly accept the outcome of the KBO’s punishment committee and will make bone-crushing efforts to prevent similar incidents from happening again,” said SSG.

A number of measures have been put in place. First of all, we will diagnose the level of awareness and behavior of all players in the first and second teams regarding disgraceful behavior. We will review the overall management and operation of the squad, including the way we educate and inspect the squad, and the way we operate the accommodation.안전놀이터

Based on this, we will strengthen regulations and systems to ensure that the standards and awareness of dignity-damaging behaviors of the entire first and second team, including the coaching staff, are in line with social standards.

This is necessary. In the past, there was a certain amount of consideration because they were athletes. It was said that the hierarchy of seniors and juniors should be strict. There is a perception that they are ‘special’ and different from the general population. We concluded that this should be changed.

Create a ‘pledge to eradicate dignity damage’. It is signed every year at the time of signing. In addition, the organization organizes monthly training and reality checks for second-team players and strengthens its reporting process. We also decided to have a ‘pre-reporting system’ for gatherings. We strongly manage the purpose, place, time, etc. to ensure that they are not violated.

This is a case of growing up and being surprised again. In 2020, there was a case of harsh behavior by seniors to juniors. It was during the SK era, and the team was disciplined for trying to sweep it under the rug. They promised to prevent it from happening again, but three years later, the same thing happened again.

The SSG recognized the seriousness of the situation. He called for stronger controls. If this is followed, there should be no deviations. Documentation, monthly inspections, and stronger regulations.

To the players, it may seem like you’re trying to control them when they’ve been doing what they’ve been doing. On the contrary, it’s something they should be ashamed of in addition to being reflective.

They should sign a pledge that says, ‘I will not do anything wrong. It means, ‘You signed, you’re responsible. They shouldn’t have had to do this in the first place. Every month, they have to be surveyed to see how things are going. Players can only get together with each other if they notify the club in advance.

SSG wants to change the players’ mindset. “The perception of dignity damage is much different from the general public. We will focus on reducing this gap,” he explained. It doesn’t seem like it would be much different for any other club.

If all the players behave in an exemplary manner and perform well, it’s possible that the ban could go away again. But it shouldn’t have happened in the first place. Grown-ups should be able to ‘take care of themselves’.


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