Platoon commander pays for training?… Enraged reservists

How are you? My name is Kim Sang-ho, a YouTube creator and reserve army captain who runs the YouTube Captain Kim Sang-ho channel. Nice to meet you.

Kim Sang-ho, who is proficient in making YouTube videos, graduated from the 3rd Army Academy and was commissioned as an engineer officer in 2011, and devoted 6 years and 8 months to the military.

“I also shoot performers, interviews, and satire. Mike, I sit here…” I

once thought of the military as a job for life, but after giving up and leaving the military, I became a YouTube video producer related to the military. it happened

—-<Captain Kim Sang-ho YouTube Shorts>—
<Soldier husband who works 24 hours and earns 10,000 won>
Honey, you worked 24 hours on duty and came home late. How much do you get paid for duty duty? (10,000 won) Oh, 10,000 won per hour is over 200,000 won? (Yeah, no, I just stood there all day and won 10,000 won) Are you giving me food? (Soldiers supervise what they eat and pay to eat) No, they are on duty 24 hours a day, do you have to pay 10,000 won to buy food? Isn’t it a loss to be a soldier? Get discharged right away (if you get discharged, society will be hell!) Who said that! (Our battalion commander) He said the battalion commander has been discharged? (Oh, is that so?)

Mr. Kim is said to have tackled the issue of improving the treatment of junior officers because of the service conditions of junior officers that do not improve over time.

<Interview> Kim Sang-ho/ Reserve Army Captain
Officers, noncommissioned officers, and military personnel on watch duty of the executives are put on duty, and they receive 10,000 won on weekdays and 20,000 won on weekends. The working hours are not just putting in duty, but working hours and then going in, literally working 24 hours a day and receiving 10,000 won compensation. On weekends, they work 24 hours a day and receive 20,000 won compensation…

Unlike soldiers, officers point out that it is unreasonable to pay for meals during training.

<Interview> Kim Sang-ho/Reserve Army Captain
What’s more important? When I went out for training (executive), the cost of food was 4500 won and 3900 won respectively. In a place where dust blows from the dust pit, you put rice in a plastic bag and eat it. You must have heard of plastic rice in the plastic rice army. Eating something like that or eating combat rations. Then, when you come back from training, you pay 150,000 won or 200,000 won for food and start training. But there is no reward for training. After I go to training, I fly separately later. pay for the meal Go to training and pay for the meal you ate. Does this make sense? In the end, the school lunch cost went down like the school lunch cost. It costs 1,500 won or 1,900 won per meal, but you still pay.

The reporters met more reserve army officers and listened to their stories.

Reservoir Lieutenant Oh Byung-jin, who served in Paju, Gyeonggi-do and was discharged two years ago,
explains the changed atmosphere in the military these days.

<Interview> Oh Byeong-jin/ Reserve Army Lieutenant
Now, what is the most difficult part for the so-called lieutenant and captain friends, they say that they can’t tell if I’m a soldier, a kindergarten teacher, or an elementary school teacher. Now that we are so focused on improving the treatment of soldiers, it is often the unit’s first interest in how many teams the soldiers participate in the employment contest or entrepreneurship contest, and as the resultant administrative work becomes too much, the platoon commander at the coastal guard post in Goseong-gun, Gangwon-

do Lee Byeong-wook, a reserve army lieutenant who was discharged from service last year after serving as a military officer, pointed out the problem of duty pay.

<Interview> Lee Byeong-wook/Reserve Army Lieutenant
First of all, you have to eat dinner in the evening, and if you have breakfast the next day, you have to eat a total of two meals. deduction will be made. Then, even with that alone, there is already another 2,000 won left on weekdays, but I can’t stay still with that alone, so it’s true that I have to buy snacks for the watch adjutants who are on duty with me or the watch soldiers who are on duty with me now. Since it is a reality

, they welcomed the increase in soldiers’ salaries스포츠토토, but agreed that basic difficulties such as night shift expenses and meal expenses for junior officers must be resolved.

<Interview> Lee Byeong-wook/Reserve Army Lieutenant
Of course, raising the sickness salary uniformly like this should be welcomed at the basic level, but rather than that, it is important to make a proper difference between those who work inland and those who work in remote areas or frontlines, and by realizing allowances. You have to induce it so that more excellent resources can go to it…

Mr. Kim Woo-seok finished his mandatory service in Pocheon, Gyeonggi-do, and was discharged as a lieutenant two years ago. He also succeeded in getting a job, and he became an employee at a financial institution.

<Interview> Kim Woo-seok/ Reserve Army Lieutenant
I prepared for about a year along with writing and writing my personal letter, and ended up doing internships at two places.

They say that the advantages of officer service are disappearing more and more.

<Interview> Kim Woo-seok/ Reserved Army
Serving as a lieutenant officer is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so of course I think it’s a good help. Until I served in the military, there was a gap of about half a year between my motivation and the period of preparing for employment, so if my friends took a leave of absence or something like that, the gap could be filled. Now, the general officer service is the same, but the number of months of illness (service) is getting shorter, so the gap has widened.

Broken furniture and messy facilities… It is said that it is a junior executive’s accommodation, and recently SNSLooking at the photos posted on <p>, Mr. Kim was even more heartbroken.

<Interview> Kim Woo-seok/ Reserve Army Lieutenant
Actually, the unit I served in had a good service environment, so I was fine. Moldy in the summer or freezing accidents often occur in the winter, and it seems that personal conditions and environmental improvements are needed… I

visited the Ministry of National Defense and asked about future plans for the problems raised by the reserve officers.

<Interview> Kim Jin-seong / Director of Welfare Policy Department, Ministry of National Defense
We are also working hard. The Ministry of National Defense is actively negotiating with related ministries so that the night holiday work allowance, which was not paid compared to other public officials, can be paid to soldiers, including junior officers, while maintaining a 24-hour work system. Comprehensive efforts are being made to improve the service conditions for junior executives, such as improving the living environment, such as providing one-person lodging for executives, and strengthening post-discharge employment support.

Will it be possible to bring back the departing junior executives? According to a survey by the Defense Research Institute, the level of satisfaction with military life among junior officers decreased by 13.3%

from 59.4% in 2019 to 46.1% two years later . The percentage that said they were willing to support the military again also decreased from 70% to 57% over the same period. <Interview> Kim Sang-ho/ Reserve Army Captain

Improving treatment greatly increases the budget to make soldiers rich, make soldiers live without worrying about money, that’s not it either. The level that executives want is to improve whether it is not too much to stand at least 24 hours on duty and be full, and if it is not too much to pay for food to eat when going out for training. We keep talking about the Ministry of Strategy and Finance when politicians and high-ranking people talk about it, they don’t cooperate very much, and they talk about big money, but that’s not it. Starting with the smallest things, that is the first step towards improving our treatment.


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