On my way to work, a tattooed man chased me and said, ‘Don’t ask, assault’… Even though the police came, he

A man chasing a woman he doesn’t even know on his way to work in the morning and causing a riot with ‘don’t ask assault’ was caught by the police as a current criminal메이저사이트.

On the 18th, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency released a video titled ‘Introducing the story of ruining citizens’ commute to work through a video’ on their YouTube channel.

The video shows a man approaching a woman in Gwanak-gu last March and behaving badly. His shirtless body was covered with tattoos. According to the police, the two are said to have never met each other. The man continues to riot despite being stopped by a passer-by.

Upon receiving a report from another citizen who witnessed the incident, the police dispatched the entire team to the scene and soon found the man. The man continues to act violently, such as swearing and spitting at the approaching police officer.

He was arrested as a current criminal on charges of assault and obstruction of justice. The police said, “We suspected that he was a drug offender, but no drug substances were detected. Thanks to cooperation with the control center and the help of citizens, we were able to prevent secondary damage. He thanked the brave citizens for their help, including a police report.”Chosun.com reported that the man was sent to the prosecution. An official from the Gwanak Police Station in charge of the case told the media, “At the time, the man was found to have accidentally committed the crime while drunk.”


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