‘No. 1 Southeast Asian Quarter’ Asnawi “I want to break the prejudice…I hope there will be more Southeast Asian players” [Oh!Ssen Gwangyang]

‘Indonesia’s national star’ Asnawi Mangkualam (24, Jeonnam Dragons) is waiting for the day to meet more Southeast Asian players in the K-League.스포츠토토

Asnawi is the first player from Southeast Asia in the K-League. He stepped on the Korean stage by joining Ansan Greeners in 2021, and performed impressively in two seasons.

Asnawi received interest from several clubs this winter and made a new nest in Jeonnam. He has grown from a player who challenged the K-League to a player who changes his uniform within the K-League. This means that competitiveness has been proven.

Now Asnawi is dreaming of promotion with Jeonnam. He attended the 8th media camp of the 2023 season K-League winter field training held at the Lacky Hotel in Gwangyang on the morning of the 16th and said, “Jeonnam is a team with a long and good history.” “My goal with the coach is to return to K-League 1. Many. I will do my best to return to the K-League 1.”

The reason why Asnawi chose Jeonnam was the active love call of Minister Lee and Jeonnam, and the dream of ‘promotion’. He said, “Even though Jeonnam was at the bottom of the league last season, I heard that they are preparing very seriously for this season. The biggest reason is that the coach and I had the same dreams and goals.”

Asnawi smiled, saying, “Jeonnam is really ready and a professional club.”

This season, the K-League 2 has a Southeast Asian craze. Seoul E-Land recruited Nguyen Van Toan, and Cheonan FC also embraced Nguyen Can An and Bu Minh Hieu (above Vietnam). Cheongju FC also brought in a Malaysian player for the first time in the K-League, Kogi (real name Kogileswaran Raj). 

All thanks to Asnawi’s role as a pioneer. He said, “I am honored to be the first Southeast Asian quarter player. I hope more Southeast Asian players come and become active. There may still be prejudice against Asian players, but I want to break that prejudice. It is my biggest wish for the players to come to the K-League.”

Asnawi said that he would take good care of the Southeast Asian players of other teams as a ‘K-League senior’. “Next time, when I have time, I can meet them,” he said. “In the stadium, we fight with football, but after 90 minutes, we should be like friends or family outside the stadium. When we have difficulties, it is true friends who help each other.”

Asnawi is determined to spread its wings in Jeonnam, where soccer is more aggressive than Ansan. He had a hard time playing as a right wing forward during his time in Ansan, and he was unable to show his strengths because he focused on defense. 

Director Lee is also intensively guiding Asunawi, as he played as a right-back during his active career. On top of that, he assured me that signing Asnawi would never be in vain. Asnawi also said, “The coach gives me a lot of advice and believes in me. It’s really good to be able to play in my original position.

Finally, Asnawi set a target of 10 attack points. He said, “I want to score goals or help harder than last year. The final goal is 10 attack points. Whether it’s a goal or an assist, if it helps the team, I want to work as hard as possible.”


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