NBA Daily Injury Report (March 25): Doncic fined $35,000 for pretending to count money on referee

 Donchichi, who was dissatisfied with the referee’s decision and made a gesture like counting money, was eventually fined.

The NBA made an official announcement on the 25th that it decided to fine Dallas Mavericks Luka Doncic (24, 201cm) $35,000온라인카지노 (about 45.5 million won).

The reason Doncic was fined was because he was dissatisfied with the referee’s decision during the game and made an inappropriate hand gesture (a gesture like counting money). At the end of the game on the 23rd, the Golden State and One Possession game continued, and in the process, Doncic tried an excessive shot in front of Draymond Green and lost an opportunity to attack. Dissatisfied that a foul was not called, Doncic made a counting gesture towards the referee. It meant that the referee was paid to deliberately judge against himself.

Doncic has previously been fined for inappropriate behavior, including throwing the ball at the referee.

It is news that Tyrese Halliburton (24, 193cm), who was on the injured list for about two weeks due to a left knee bruise in the game on the 25th, will recover from the injury and return to the court. In addition, the Utah Jazz, which is in fierce competition to enter the recent play-in tournament, has Jordan Clarkson (30, 193cm) and Lauri Makkanen (25, 213cm), who are the center of the team, continue to be named on the injured list and coach Will Hardy’s head. is hurting In addition to this, Philadelphia, which is on the rise with 9 wins and 1 loss in the last 10 games and is closely chasing the second place Boston Celtics by 0.5 games, has Joel Embiid (29, 213cm) and James Harden (33, 196cm) on the injured list. In the middle, ahead of the game on the 25th, we had time to take a look at what changes were made to the injured list. 


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