Messi’s father’s rebuttal “It’s not true to Saudi Arabia, nothing has been decided yet”

 Jorge Messi, the father of Lionel Messi (36, Paris Saint-Germain), has completely denied rumors of his son moving to Saudi Arabia.

Messi’s father, Jorge Messi, made a statement on the 10th (Korean time) and emphasized, “I have not signed with any club yet,” and “There are many rumors going around, but nothing is certain yet.”

Jorge made this statement because it was reported on the previous day (9th) that Messi had completed a transfer contract with a club in Saudi Arabia, citing sources from AFP.

AFP reported urgently that “Messi has completed his transfer to Saudi Arabia. Messi’s two-year contract with PSG will be completed next month,” and reports citing this were poured out in local media.

Messi, whose contract with PSG ends at the end of this season, was thinking about renewing his contract with his original team, returning to Barcelona (Spain), and going to Major League Soccer (MLS) Inter Miami, but reports that his destination had been decided came out and caused a stir. this happened

Specifically, there was a story that Messi is highly likely to transfer to Al-Hilal in Saudi Arabia for a large sum of money close to 500 million euros (approximately 727 billion won).

However, Messi’s father emphasized that the confirmed report to Saudi Arabia was not true, revealing the principled official position that “nothing has been decided”.

Jorge raised his voice, saying, “It is not right to deliberately distort facts without any evidence,” and “only accurate information should be reported.” “(Messi) will not sign a verbal agreement with anyone until the end of this season,” he said온라인카지노.

Despite his father’s statement, Europeans believe that Messi is likely to go to Saudi Arabia rather than renew his contract with PSG.

In fact, Cristiano Ronaldo (38, Portugal), who was released from Manchester United (England), made a surprise transfer to Saudi Al Nassgo in January. It is known that Ronaldo receives a huge amount of money, close to 270 billion won a year, from Al Nasr.

With predictions that Al-Hilal will pay close to twice as much for Messi as Ronaldo, the weight is shifting to Saudi Arabia.

In addition, Messi was suspended for two weeks by PSG for leaving his latest training session without permission and visiting Saudi Arabia. It seems that the size of the disciplinary measure has been reduced as Messi eventually apologized for the incident, but it is predicted that Messi will leave PSG with this incident.

‘Eurosport’ predicted that “Messi will head to Saudi Arabia to face rival Ronaldo,” and then said, “No matter what contract, Messi will be the highest-paid soccer player in history.”


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