Men’s Middle School – Yeon Hyun Middle School advances to the finals with 1st place in each group… Preliminary Schedule Finished

The 2023 Taebaek Mountain Boat completed all of the preliminary rounds.

The 2023 Taebaek Mountain Cup National Men’s and Women’s Middle and High School Volleyball Competition (hereinafter referred to as Taebaek Mountain Cup) held in Taebaek, Gangwon-do held all the preliminary matches on the 15th온라인카지노.

In the south-jungbu game held at Cheoram Elementary School, Namseong Middle School beat Cheonan Ssangyong Middle School and Okcheon Middle School beat Geumjeong Middle School with a set score of 2-1, advancing to the quarterfinals by winning first place in the group. The match between Yeonhyeonjung and Inhasadaebujung was a group ranking match. Yeon Hyun-jung won and placed 1st in Group D, and Inhasa Daebu Middle School advanced to the quarterfinals with 2nd place in Group D. In the last game, Sosajung defeated Bonohjung, but failed to advance to the finals and reaped the beauty of the end.

At the same time, Daegu Iljung defeated Suil Girls’ Middle School in the women’s middle division match held at Jangseong Gymnasium at the same time, and grabbed one of the cards remaining in Group A to advance to the finals. The Hongcheon-gun Sports Association beat Bupyeong Girls’ Middle School, and Pohang Girls’ Middle School beat Wolpyeong Middle School to continue the quarterfinals.

A great game was held in the south high school. Munil High School was eliminated from the preliminaries with 3 losses, while Donghae Gwanghui High School faced off with 2 wins and 1 loss before advancing to the finals. After Donghae Gwanghui High School won the first set, Munil High School brought down the second and third sets with concentration.

However, Donghae Gwanghui High School did not back down easily and led the game to the end. Both teams were fierce. The 5th set, which ended at 15 points, was over 20 points as a long and long deuce continued. During the deuce, each team exchanged match points, making it difficult to predict the outcome.

At the end, Moon Il-go laughed. The long match ended with a sub-ace, ending the tournament with 1 win and 3 losses.

In the first game, Gwangju Electronic Technical High School beat Busan Dongsung High School by shutout. Cheonan High School beat Inchang High School to take 1st place in Group B, and Namseong High School defeated Youngsaeng High School to take 2nd place in Group B to advance to the quarterfinals. Songsan High School defeated Jecheon Industrial High School and Suseong High School beat Songlim High School to take first place in each group. Inhasa Daebu High School defeated Seongjigo and secured one remaining place to advance to the finals.

In the girls’ high school division, Jeonju Geunyeong Girls’ High School defeated Gyeongnam Girls’ High School in a full set match, and Sunseon Girls’ High School defeated Daejeon Yongsan High School with a shutout to advance directly to the semifinals. Bugae Girls’ High School beat Namseong Girls’ High School to finish second in Group A, and faced Ilshin Girls’ High School in the round of 6.


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