Martha Stewart Swimsuit model at 81…drinking beer and doing yoga!

Martha Stewart, the American billionaire businesswoman and “homemaker,” became a swimsuit cover model at the age of 81.

In Denmark, group yoga while drinking beer caught the eye during Beer Week.

Around the world, reporter Jeewoong Ryu reports.

Many young people gathered in a park in Copenhagen to copy the moves of a yoga instructor.

But it looks a little different from any other yoga.

They’re balancing beer cans on their heads, and some are even drinking beer while doing yoga.

They claim that beer yoga is a natural harmony of yin and yang, drawing toxins out of the body and breathing them back in.

[Selina Vass / Copenhagen resident: the alcohol is a plus – it makes you move more relaxed, go with the flow, and think less].

[An Lund / ‘Beer Yoga’ instructor: Beer yoga makes people happy, it makes you aware of your body, it’s a good experience].

Shotguns shoot into the night sky in Lagos, Nigeria, Africa, and a crowd of people gather outside a restaurant building to cheer.

That’s because the restaurant’s owner and chef, a young woman, has just set a Guinness record by cooking for 100 hours straight, taking only five minutes an hour breaks토토사이트.

[Hilda Bassi / RESTAURANT OWNER AND COOK: I didn’t expect this, I’m really surprised, I’m honestly so happy].

Martha Stewart, who continues to make the transition from “queen of homemaking” to “queen of style,” is back on the cover of a swimsuit issue of a popular sports magazine.

At 81, she is said to be the oldest swimsuit model, but it seems to be just a number to her, who is promoting the “ageless generation.

YTN’s Jeewoong Ryu reports.


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