‘Levi – Fans – Nagelsmann’ are all ‘OK’ → ‘Bright sign’ possibility has increased

The president wants it, and the fans want it too. He says he has a heart too. The meaning is communicated as one mind, such as ‘fan-club-person’. It seems likely that his transfer will come true soon.

British media are reporting on the possibility of Nagelsmann going to Tottenham one after another on the 25th. Nagelsmann was officially sacked by Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga, his club, during a ski vacation in Austria on the 24th.

It’s only been a day since then, but the news of the possibility of Nagelsman’s transfer to Tottenham began to come out one after another on the 25th.

British Football Insider said메이저사이트, “Tottenham chose coach Nagelsmann as the first target for the next coach. Coach Nagelsmann is the priority over coaches Mauricio Pochettino and Luis Enrique.”

The reason why Tottenham is actively seeking Nagelsmann’s recruitment is because Tottenham Chairman Daniel Levy is a ‘big fan’ of Nagelsmann. He has already pushed for Nagelsmann to be coached two years ago.

Tottenham fans also raised their arms and expressed their welcome. The Daily Star reported the voices of the fans saying, “Tottenham should sign him without waiting” in an article titled ‘Tottenham fans demand the appointment of Nagelsmann’.

Some impatient Tottenham fans said, “Just finish it quickly. Tottenham must not miss Nagelsmann. He is a perfect fit for Tottenham.” Even if the money was 15 million pounds or 20 million pounds, there are even fans who urge to catch him regardless.

In particular, some fans put pressure on President Levy. Fans said, “President Daniel Levy. Please do something good for Tottenham just once.” There are fans who threaten, not threaten, to cause a ‘riot’ if they fail to capture Nagelsmann.

In this situation, according to England’s Sky Sports, Nagelsmann is willing to talk with the club about the position of Tottenham manager. Sky Sports reported on the 25th, “Nagelsmann is interested in the position of Tottenham manager, but he may need time to think.”

One day after Nagelsmann was sacked from Munich, something really unusual is happening, with everyone involved in Tottenham welcoming him. If this situation continues, it seems highly likely that Nagelsmann will come to an agreement with Tottenham during his A-match period.


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