“Let’s see the A match in Busan”… Busan City, all-out efforts to attract the evaluation match in June

The city of Busan has rolled up its sleeves to host the Korea national soccer team’s A-match in Busan. Attention is focusing on메이저사이트 whether Korean soccer fans’ cheers for victory will resonate at Busan Asiad Main Stadium, the site of the first victory of the 2022 Korea-Japan World Cup.

The city of Busan announced on the 3rd that it is concentrating its efforts to attract Busan to the national soccer team A-match evaluation game scheduled for June 16th between the Republic of Korea and Peru. Prior to this, the city of Busan submitted an application for the A-match evaluation match to the Korea Football Association earlier this year. In Busan, no A match was held for nearly four years after the friendly match between the Australian and Korean national teams on June 7, 2019.

Busan City plans to attract the A-match of the national soccer team, which has been a long-cherished wish of the Busan soccer world, to showcase the performance of world-class players such as Son Heung-min, Lee Kang-in, Kim Min-jae, and Lee Jae-seong to many citizens and fans.

At the same time, it set a goal to publicize the fervent desire of Busan citizens toward hosting the 2030 Busan World Expo.

The national soccer team is scheduled to have warm-up matches in Korea on June 16 against Peru and on June 20 against El Salvador. The Korea Football Association is expected to confirm the venue for the two matches in the middle of this month. Previously, the Korea Football Association held an A-match match against Colombia on March 17 at Munsu Stadium in Ulsan, and an evaluation match against Uruguay on the 21st of the same month at Sangam Stadium in Seoul.

An official from the Sports Promotion Division of Busan City said, “We will definitely attract the national soccer team A match to Busan in four years so that Busan citizens can show their high interest in soccer and the passion for hosting the 2030 Busan World Expo.


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