Legendary senior → national team colleague… ‘Yang Hyeon-jong and the children’ united after 17 years

 “I didn’t expect to meet like this”.안전놀이터

The baseball team gathered in Tucson, Arizona, USA ahead of the World Baseball Classic (WBC) to be held next month. Each of the 28 players is intertwined with a different relationship. Yang Hyeon-jong (KIA), Ko Young-pyo (kt), and Kim Won-joong (Lotte) pitchers, who belong to different teams and have different pitches, have one thing in common: they are from Dongseong Middle School in Gwangju.

The three players joined the national team together for the first time. On the 15th (Korean time), Ko Young-pyo, who met Yang Hyeon-jong as soon as he checked into the Arizona Tucson national team accommodation, said, “Finally, I’m playing baseball with my brother.” And Kim Won-jung, who soon met Yang Hyeon-jong, was also glad that he was not salty, saying, “I finally got to be with my brother.”

Yang Hyeon-jong and Ko Young-pyo have never attended school together, with a 3-year age difference and Kim Won-joong a 5-year age difference. Nevertheless, the reason Ko Young-pyo and Kim Won-joong could be regarded as seniors who wanted to resemble Yang Hyeon-jong was because when they were middle school students, Gwangju Dongseong High School, where Yang Hyeon-jong attended, was right next to Gwangju Dongseong Middle School and shared a training ground.

Ko Young-pyo said, “When I was 3rd in middle school and Wonjung-i was 1st in middle school (2006), Hyeonjong hyung was a 3rd grader in high school. We were literally dream trees who looked up to Hyunjong hyung. And now we have become great pitchers.” looked proudly at Kim Won-joong also said, “If there is a senior in our school, he is the first hyung that comes to mind.”

Kim Won-joong said, “I didn’t expect to meet like this. Being together in the national team makes me feel different. Hyeon-jong tells me a lot about not getting sick and not overdoing it when I meet him during the season. In fact, it seems that not getting sick is the most important thing, so he keeps telling me.” He told the story of Yang Hyeon-jong, a senior at school and a baseball senior.

Ko Young-pyo said, “If the three of us are in charge of one game at the WBC, I think an interesting picture will come out. Other people may not know, but it will be a good memory for us.” did.

If Go Young-pyo and Kim Won-joong met Yang Hyeon-jong and felt like they had gone back to their childhood, Yang Hyeon-jong had mixed feelings after seeing them. Yang Hyeon-jong said, “I used to be too young, but now that I wear the same uniform, I feel like time goes by so fast and I have many thoughts.”

Lastly, when we asked them for a picture, Ko Young-pyo and Kim Won-joong brought Yang Hyeon-jong to the center of ‘extremely’. Yang Hyeon-jong stood side by side with the two players with a smile after feeling embarrassed. What kind of new memories will the national team be colored by the two juniors who will represent the country wearing the same uniform as the seniors they have admired since their immature age, and the seniors who lead them resolutely?


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