Lee Jae-myung responds to ‘Lee Won-wook insult text’ controversy: “Let’s check each other”

Democratic Party of Korea representative Lee Jae-myung said, “Let’s not use violent words, insults, or anything like that,” referring to the recent “insulting texts” focused on non-Lee Jae-myung lawmakers. You shouldn’t do anything that will get you caught,” Lee said.

On the 24th, Lee appeared on a YouTube live broadcast and said, “In one case, we investigated and found that the person was not a party member. It’s one of two things. Either they were pretending to be a party member, or they were having a prank. Or it’s a personal act that has nothing to do with our party,” he said.

Lee was referring to a recent case in which non-party member Lee Won-wook received an insulting text. On March 21, Lee Won-wook released a text containing insults such as “Watermelon bastards should be completely eradicated this time,” and wrote, “Representative Lee Jae-myung, I want to ask you if you don’t want to cut ties with the Kangseong fandom after seeing this안전놀이터,” which became controversial.

Representative Lee Won-wook. Reporter Yoon Chang-won

In response, the party leadership ordered the party’s ethics inspectorate to investigate the insulting text, and a check of the party membership list revealed that the sender was not a party member but an outsider.

Lee said, “Let’s express our opinions freely. In a democratic party, there is no such thing as being offended. Let’s say what we want to say to the party leader, and let’s say what we want to say to each other, to the local chairperson, and to the party officials,” but “let’s not use violent words or insults or anything like that,” he said.

He added, “Let’s not make accusations and criticisms based on falsehoods that are not true, and let’s not get caught up in the outside world. Let’s check with each other,” he emphasized.

Earlier in the day at the Supreme Committee meeting, Supreme Committee member Seo Eun-sook also took aim at Lee Won-wook, saying, “On what basis did you conclude that the person who sent the text was a ‘dog daughter’ party member and demand that the party leader isolate himself from the dog daughter? All problems arise from the moment you try to demonize and attack your opponent.”


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