Korea Football Association, Yeongdeok-seo Spring/Autumn National Secondary Football Tournament held for 5 years

Correspondent Son Dae-seong = Gyeongbuk Yeongdeok-gun and the Korea Football Association decided to hold a national secondary (U-15) soccer tournament in Yeongdeok for the next five years in spring and autumn.

According to Yeongdeok-gun 토토사이트 on the 30th, the county and the Football Association recently signed an agreement to hold the spring tournament in February and the fall tournament in July-August in Yeongdeok from 2023 to 2027.

About 100 teams and 4,000 players participate in each competition.

The military expects more than 50,000 visitors a year to create an economic effect of more than 4 billion won.

Since 2011, Yeongdeok-gun has been discussing long-term hosting with the Korea Football Association based on the fact that it has consistently hosted the National Middle School Football Championship hosted by the Korea Middle School Football Federation under the Korea Football Association.

“We will try to hold a successful tournament that satisfies all players, families and residents,” said Mayor Kim Gwang-yeol.


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